Sunday, December 02, 2012

Singles Sunday #6-Free Beer

Somehow, I knew I'd get your attention with that title. Continuing on from last Sunday, my goal is to share some singles with you, an excellent source of great Christmas music that I've generally ignored in the past. There's some great music on these little records, much of which never found it's way onto the bigger records, though I don't think that's so in this case. The Beers have a full-length Christmas record, but I've never stumbled across it.  If you've got a copy you want to trade me for something, drop me a line.  Until then, all I've got it this single.  It's pretty folky, but still good, very much a product of it's time.  Please download and enjoy The Beers Family-Three Little Drummers b/w The Peace Carol (Columbia 7" 45 RPM 4-43916 (Not For Resale Radio Station Copy), Mono, 1967).


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