Sunday, December 09, 2018

Guest Star

This next post is slotted in with the military band shares I've been doing lately, but it's really from, of all things, the US Treasury Department.  I suppose they were trying to raise awareness for purchasing Savings Bonds, but it seems like an odd show to me.  The show is hosted by everyone's favorite game show mogul Merv Griffin and guest stars Rouvaun and Ronnie Kole.  I can't say as I've ever heard of Rouvaun, but someone was pushing him at the time, and he apparently showed up more than once on the show.  Ronnie Kole is a little bit better known, but not too much.  Not everything here is Christmas, but there are a few Christmas songs thrown in near the end.  Worth a listen, I guess.  This is Guest Star Show Of The Month #48-Special Christmas Program (The Department Of The Treasury-U.S. Savings Bond Division Guest Star No. 48 (one-sided), Mono, 1970).  As I try to do whenever I remember, you can download either the complete 2-part show, or the version I've cut into tracks as best possible to isolate the music from the chat.

MEGA (Uncut)
MEGA (Tracks)


Buster said...

Regarding Rouvan, you've probably seen this LP in the stacks one time or another:

On the other hand, I've never heard of Ronnie Kole.

Merv I know.

barba said...

they say the dear boy himself became the richest man in hollywood. from such humble beginnings...

the first time i got any money (a whopping $20), my parents grabbed it and bought a $25 united states savings bond in my name. it cost $18.75 and was redeemable for the full amount in years that numbered more than my own. what a gyp. at least i got to keep the buck twenty-five.

i bet mervin didn't take his pay in bonds.

Kwork said...

Hmmm, I think the music here has more listening value past a first listen than the full program. Thank you for both options.