Saturday, December 15, 2018


My blog buddy Buster wanted to hear something from Danny Thomas, and I just happened to have this single in the can and almost ready to go.  So I finished it up real quick and here it is for all to listen to.  Buster didn't have much good to say about Danny's singing prowess, and I'm afraid these two tracks for religious label Myrrh aren't going to change his mind.  This is Danny Thomas-Arranged And Conducted By Larry Muhoberac-Christmas Year b/w It's So Sad To Be Lonely At Christmas (Myrrh (Word) 7" 45 RPM MS-124, Stereo, 1973).  There's more Danny Thomas in the archives here and here.  One singing, one talking, your choice.

1. Christmas Year
2. It's So Sad To Be Lonely At Christmas



Buster said...

You are so kind.

It's funny, one of the genres I collect is singing actors. Most of them are awful. Some are OK (Jack Lemmon, for example). Most of the ones who could really sing were musical comedy stars (Jerry Ohrbach). Danny was a comedian.

Ernie said...

Wasn't Jack Lemmon also a pianist? Didn't he release a version of the soundtrack to one of his movies? The name is escaping me...

And of course Tony Curtis did those albums on 20's hits. :)

Buster said...

Lemmon was primarily known as an actor (Some Like It Hot) but also sang and played the piano. He made several records, and you are right, I do think one was songs from a movie. I think I have his records; will have to check.

barba said...


involuntary response.

merry christmas.

Kwork said...

"It's So Sad To Be Singing At Christmas"
That's the retitled song.
Thanks, but um. LOL!