Tuesday, December 11, 2018


How about we visit Hawaii for a little bit?  Well, except this isn't really from Hawaii.  It appears to have been recorded by a bunch of guys in Belgium. So does that mean I can count this as a Christmas record from Belgium?  Maybe.  But now I have to find another record from Hawaii...  First shared with you in 2011, This is The Waikikis-Merry Christmas In Hawaii (Kapp KS-3444, Stereo, 1965).  Mele Kalikimaka!

01. White Christmas
02. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
03. Silver Bells
04. Snow In Hawaii
05. O Tannenbaum
06. Sleigh Ride
07. The Little Drummer Boy
08. The Christmas Song
09. Winter Wonderland
10. Waikiki Christmas
11. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
12. Silent Night



Buster said...

I wonder if there is Belgian Christmas music from Hawaii.

Joe said...

Thank You so Much for resharing this one!!! I will be blasting it from my car and home stereos for the remainder of the season!!! Mele Kalikimaka !!!! :)

barba said...

@buster you mean, you want a bunch of haku mele to put away their ukes and try to pass themselves off as belgians? you want them to don berets?... maybe toss back some trappist beer and moules frites while grinding hurdy-gurdys or schäferpfeifen down on the beach and singing the holiday hits of jacques brel and sister sourire in walloon? sign me up!!

Buster said...

barba - I do think that a Brel - Sister Sourire repertoire would be just the thing for the holidays, accompanied by slack key guitar and conch shell. Ernie may have it among the organ and chimes records.

Kwork said...

Hmm, interesting. I think I prefer the true hawaiian one more, see next most recent post, but thanks. :)