Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Quite The Cut Up

Back to the military shares finally, and something that I'm afraid isn't quite new.  I shared this with you in 2016, but I got the record late in the season and didn't have time to cut it into individual tracks.  I know some of you like to listen to the program complete as aired, but others want to be able to listen to specific songs or just the little bits of dialog.  Well, now you have the chance to do either one.  You can download the uncut version or the tracked versions.  It's only taken me two years to get this done...  Now if I could just find a stereo copy, that would be great!  This is The United States Air Force Presents Christmas Programs Featuring The Air Force Band With Jack Jones And Edward G. Robinson (The United States Air Force Public Service Program GXTV 220278/220279, Mono, 1965).

1. Promotional Spot
2. Sing A Song For Christmas Featuring Airman Jack Jones
3. Promotional Spot
4. Christmas In Washington Hosted By Edward G. Robinson

MEGA (Uncut)
MEGA (Tracks)


Mr. Reindeer said...

I found a copy of this record when the radio station I was working for moved to a new building and threw out all their old vinyl. I keep it not for the music, but for the cover. It is an astonishing image that, I think, is a rare example of truth in advertising. Having orphaned these barefoot children and left them nothing but rags to wear, the U.S. military, dressed as Santa, offers a few toys as compensation. A true lesson in capitalist imperialism for the holidays.

Buster said...

Thanks! Love that Jack Jones.

Kwork said...

Thank you. I love choices for listening, and the music of course!