Monday, December 10, 2018


Taking a quick detour back to Europe for a minute here, and a tribute to the small Eastern European nation of Croatia.  Not sure what the connection is between Croatia and Duquesne University is, but they seem to have something.  This small LP highlights that link with some fine Christmas music that you've never heard before.  I could swear at one point in the past twelve months, I also had a 12" version of this album, but when the time came to start ripping things, all I could find was the 10" version.  I'm sure the bigger one will turn up someday, but for today, this is Duquesne University Tamburitzans-Walter W. Kolar, Director-Christmas In Croatia (Hrvatske Božićne Pjesme I Kolede) (Du-Tam 10" 33 RPM LP-DU-5/6, Mono, 1958).

1. Dobar Večer, Dobri Ljudi I & II
2. U Sej Vrijeme Godišta
3. Narodi Nam Se Kralj Nebeski
4. Tiha Noć, Sveta Noć (Silent Night, Holy Night)
5. Radujte Se Narodi!
6. O Isuse Poljubljeni
7. Presveta Noć
8. Dobar Večer, Japica


and for Barba (this is as Eastern Europe as I could get)...



Kwork said...

Sounds very interesting. Thank you.

Sarah said...

Your zippyshare link "for Barba" made me laugh. I love the music you post but I also really enjoy reading your posts about what you put up, Ernie. So thank you for both the music AND the laughs.

ohgreatone said...

OK you win, I thought I had it covered with the "Christmas In" stuff, nothing new to be found, now this one In Croatia. I bow humbly