Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stereo Gospel

Last post before the New Year, this may or may not be familiar to you.  Some years ago, I posted a mono version of one of the best Southern Gospel Christmas records ever, and tonight I'm giving you the stereo version.  But it wasn't an easy find.  It took me years, and what I found was actually a Camden budget reissue from 1969.  So I recorded it and was all set to share it with you.  Then I stumbled across an actual stereo copy of the original issue, that's what you see down at the bottom, and what you might recognize from my original share back in 2007.  Both records are the same music, just with different covers.  I included scans of both in the ZIP file for you.  I'm sure you'll enjoy this record as much as I did growing up with it.  This is James Blackwood And The Blackwood Brothers & Hovie Lister And The Statesmen-O Come, All Ye Faithful (RCA Camden CAS-2361, Stereo, 1969).

1. O Come, All Ye Faithful-The Blackwood Brothers & The Statesmen
2. Silver Bells-The Blackwood Brothers
3. Go Tell It On The Mountain-The Statesmen
4. Praises To Our King-The Blackwood Brothers
5. White Christmas-The Statesmen
6. Christmas Means Christ To Me-The Blackwood Brothers
7. Joy To The World!-The Blackwood Brothers & The Statesmen
8. Christmas Time Is Here-The Statesmen
9. O Little Town Of Bethlehem-The Blackwood Brothers
10. Away In A Manger-The Statesmen
11. O Holy Night!-The Blackwood Brothers
12. Silent Night! Holy Night!-The Statesmen



Buster said...

Excellent - two of my faves. Happy new year, Ernie!

IgnacioEsteban said...

Feliz año nuevo, los mejores deseos para ti y los tuyos, muchas gracias por todos tus aportes e información.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie(not Bert), Dawn here (SunriseinOz, Melbourne Australia). I stumbled across your site when I was searching "Reader's Digest Wonderful World of Music for Children". Your July post came up, where you refer to the 4 LP set. I grew up with the 6 LP set, & absolutely love "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" done by none other than Jim Backus. (Love the Disney Mickey Mouse too, of course, but the interpretations are quite different.) Have you uploaded that recording anywhere? My mum has the album, in Brisbane (2 states away) but getting a digital copy from that would be difficult, for a pair of technophobes.
Many thanks, Ernie, & Happy New Year to you,
Dawn (SunriseinOz)

Ernie said...

I believe the Jim Backus track was a bonus track in one of the downloads the first few days in July. You might try doing a search for it.

Anonymous said...

Ernie, thank-you so much! I now have it safely saved. Superb quality, just as I remember it. How strange that it doesn't appear in any list of Jim's credits, I suppose RD paid a pittance for his work. New information to me that Mary Rodgers wrote the poem, also uncredited in her Wikipedia article Anyway, a lovely New Years gift.
Best wishes & blessings,
Dawn (SunriseinOz)

ballardkringle said...

Thanks for all your shares, Ernie. I'm sure it's a lot of work but it's most appreciated. The music you've shared on your site has become a big part of my family's Christmas sesaon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dave said...

This Lp has been on my list of top 5 favorite Christmas LPs since the 1980's. Thanks for sharing it.

Dave W.