Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here's a politically incorrect single from 1953 just for you. If such things aggravate you, please just skip on to that last post about Dick Leibert, this is just how things were back in the day.  Harry Kari was another name used by Harry Stewart for his comedy, you might be more familiar with his more popular one, Yogi Yorgesson.  He is pretty funny to my ears, if a little bit insensitive.  This is a rerecording of a single I first shared with you many, many years ago that's been out of the loop for a while.  (Did I share both sides?  I'm not sure.  You're getting both sides tonight, I know that...)  Anyhow, here is Harry Kari And His Six Saki Sippers-Oh! Oh! Don't Ever Go b/w The Night Before Christmas (Capitol 7" 45 RPM F2618, Mono, 1953).



Ernie said...

I probably shouldn't reshare this, but here's a link to the Yogi Yorgesson EP I mentioned in this post:

SallyJune said...

Preeze not go! I heard this one last year (who knows where it came from) and promptly deemed it the worst (as in "most charmingly, hilariously AWFUL") Christmas song ever. Now we have to explain the the kiddies what an arial antenna is and why you need it on the roof.