Saturday, December 01, 2018

Bert's Back

Another oldie, this time from 2008, one that hasn't seen the light of day since then, and didn't get any comments at the time.  I hope it goes over better this time.  At least it has a nice cover, don'tcha think? Only nine songs but it clocks in at over 50 minutes!  Those must be some long versions!  This is Bert Jones-Christmas Messages In Music (Zondervan ZLP-559, Mono, 1964).

1. The Night Of Nights
2. The Town Of Promise
3. The Angels Herald
4. The Birthday Of A King
5. Shepherds Watching
6. Stars Shine
7. Wise Men Journey
8. The Babe In The Manger
9. Joy To The World



Kwork said...

These titles are enough to get my attention. Thank you much!

Buster said...

The cover is indeed purty.

The only Bert Jones I know played quarterback for the Baltimore Colts. I wonder if he had a sideline playing organ. He could have played the National Anthem on the organ, then hurried down for the kickoff.