Sunday, November 25, 2018

'Round The World

The next entry in my string of Christmas Around The World posts is this spoken-word collection of Christmas vignettes that I don't think has been heard since it got played on the radio in 1965.  Milton Cross was a pretty famous guy on the radio back in the day.  He is closely associated with the Metropolitan Opera, but there's no sign of any opera music here.  It's just Milton telling us about various Christmas customs all over the world.  It's gonna be right up your alley if you're looking for some nice spoken-word stuff for a Christmas comp.  For your enjoyment, this is Milton Cross-Christmas Customs 'Round The World (RCA Thesaurus ST-826 "Special Restrictions Apply To This Record" (Locked Grooves), Stereo, 1965).  I found this at a Salvation Army store up in Clearwater, Florida (near the HQ of Scientology!).  I remember how excited I was, you can only imagine.

1. Christmas In England
2. The First Christmas Tree
3. How Santa Was Born
4. Christmas In Sweden
5. Christmas In Holland
6. Good Luck For Christmas
7. Christmas In Italy
8. Christmas In Australia
9. How Christmas Come To Ireland
10. The French Family Christmas
11. Austria's Shepherd Songs
12. The First Christmas Card
13. Christmas In Norway
14. Latin American Christmas
15. Christmas In Denmark
16. The Tradition Of Mistletoe
17. Christmas In Switzerland
18. The Christmas Feast
19. The Mood Of Christmas
20. A Spanish Christmas



Buster said...

Wow, this is an unusual one, for sure!

James said...

I run about the biggest xmas info site out there and so this right up my street - wonderful stuff. Thanks for the share!

Kwork said...

Truly excited about this one. Thank you!

Ernie said...

Whoops, looks like I may have duplicated a track in the download. There's one track in there with no track number, it's a duplicate of track 8. Sorry about that. :(