Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa In The 70's

Here it is, Christmas Eve.  Seems like only a month ago I started sharing out Christmas record with you folks.  I've got a few more to go here, so don't think that this little party is over.  Far from it.  But I do need to go out and do a little shopping today.  Not that I'm one to procrastinate, but I've procrastinated.  I know fewer and fewer people are stopping by and downloading, but that's OK, I'm still at it for you hard-core Christmas folks who love this stuff as much as I do.  So here's a share you may find hard to love.  It's a handful of stories told by Santa Claus, but they aren't exactly up there with O Henry or Clement Moore.  Give 'em a listen and you'll see what I mean.  This is Christmastime Stories As Written By Marie White And Told By Santa Claus Featuring The Michelle Scott Singers (Chiodo/Scott DM-761, Stereo, 1976).

1. The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy For Christmas
2. Santa's Secretary
3. Just To See Santa Come
4. Harry, The Christmas Turkey (By Fair Means Or Fowl)
5. The Day Santa Was Arrested



Patrick said...

I wanted to say thanks for all your work this season - it's been great. Have a very Merry Christmas and good luck hunting new vinyl in 2011!

Rat Pack Visitor said...

Thank you Ernie for making this another wonderful Christmas Music year.
I greatly appreciate all you have provided and can't wait to see what you find next year. Don't worry, I am still tuned in!!

SRQ said...

You're a Christmas music animal! Some of the tunes I downloaded have fit quite nicely into my playlist. Good luck out there shopping today.

Laurie said...

Thanks Ernie for all your hard work! I look forward to it every year! Merry Christmas!