Sunday, August 01, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 6 (In August)

Here we are in August, and as usual, I've still got Christmas in July shares for you. I'm going to keep going just as long as I can, but I don't think it's going to be more than another week or so. Unless one of my avid fans sends me a whole box of records with Christmas in July tracks on them Anyone...anyone? I was afraid so.  We'll survive. Let's take a look at the selections for today.

1. Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Nelson T. Huffman, John Barr-Organ Accompaniment from Life Of Jesus In Song (No Label LOJ, Stereo). I think this is the second and last track this season from this artist and record. Probably not going to make the annual Best-Of collection.

2. Children, Go Where I Send Thee by The Dry Branch Fire Squad (Ron Thomason-Lead, John Baker-Tenor, Mary Jo Dickman-High Baritone) from Spiritual Songs From Dry Branch (Rite Record Productions RT 001, Stereo, 1977). Nice homey acapella version.

3. Winter's Comin' On Again by Dick Curless from Hard, Hard Traveling Man (Capitol ST-552, Stereo, 1970). I was hoping for more truckin' content here, but it's not bad.

4. O Come, All Ye Faithful by The Bell Singers-Winifred Settle, Director-Janis Haiser, Accompanist from Let There Be Music (No Label FR-703 (Sponsored By Southern Bell Girls Club-Louisville, KY), Mono). With a name like The Bell Singers, I was hoping for some handbells in there, but no such luck.

5. Marvelous Toy by The Irish Brigade from Leprechauns And Unicorns (Release Records RRL 8015, Stereo, 1985). Not sure how this song by Tom Paxton became an Irish staple, but I see it on lots of albums by Irish groups. I guess once one popular group records it, it spreads like a fire through the whole community. Good song though.

And that's it, only five tracks today. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!



Buster said...

I am enjoying my Sunday, thanks for the best wishes!

Why do all those Irish groups go on about leprechauns and unicorns, anyway?

Ernie said...

I assume Ireland is packed with such things. But is it packed with marvelous toys? I dunno...