Tuesday, August 03, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 8 (In August)

What day is it? Oh, Tuesday, that's right. Time for another share. But first, a note in case you downloaded yesterday's share and haven't looked back at it. I had the wrong tag on the Sam Cooke file, I had it listed as Brook Benton. So if you downloaded the old version, go back and grab the correct one now before I create anymore confusion in your Christmas library. Now, on to today's music.

1. All Hail The Virgin's Son by The Adult Choir Of The Congregational Church Of Manhasset, New York, Ministry Of Music-Robley And Jean Lawson from Sacred Music (No Label, G8-OP-8168/8169, Mono, 1956). I wish this were recorded a little bit more clearly. It's not a bad song.

2. O Mary Dear Mother (Nigerian Carol) by The Yale Glee Club-Fenno Heath, Director-Tennor Soloists: Laz Ekwueme, Grad., Daniel G. Wright, '67 from The Yale Glee Club In Concert (No Label LP-321, Stereo, 1967). I was all excited when I found this record, only to discover that I'd shared it before. That's happening to me more and more. I guess I'm just getting old and forgetful.

3. Lovers On Christmas Eve by Joanna Gleason & James Naughton With Ken Bichel from I Love My Wife (Atlantic SD 19107, Stereo, 1977). An interesting soundtrack, and a track I wouldn't have found if it hadn't popped up at random in a Discogs search. The LP didn't really say who was doing what, but I think I pieced it together from some info out on the web somewhere.

4. Wagon Wheels; Please Help Me I'm Falling; Till I Waltz With You; Jingle Bell Rock by The Three Suns from Country Music Shindig (RCA Victor LPM-3354, Mono, 1965). A long medley from the very last Three Suns record ever recorded. I included an edit of just the Jingle Bell Rock bit, too, for easy comparison. It's not the Ding Dong Dandy version, that's for sure. I shared this one a few years ago, but I couldn't resist when I saw another copy of the album.

5. Overture-The Skaters Waltz by Pete King And His Orchestra from Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies Of 1967-31st Edition (Dot SLP 25757, Stereo, 1967). I shared another song from this album earlier this season, and I got several comments about it. I don't know if this track is as good, but it's still pretty good.

6. The Twelve Days Of Christmas by The Gentlemen's Agreement from Final Edition (The Gentlemen's Agreement GA 103, Stereo). A rerun, but one of my favorite barbershop quartet finds over the years.

7. Lo, How A Rose by The Bell Singers-Winifred Settle, Director-Janis Haiser, Accompanist from Let There Be Music (No Label FR-703 (Sponsored By Southern Bell Girls Club-Louisville, KY), Mono). Yawn.

And there you go, another great batch of songs Thanks for tuning in and listening, we'll see you again tomorrow.


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Buster said...

I know what you mean about forgetting. I thought, gee that I Love My Wife piece sounds interesting, so I looked up the album only to find that I have it already.