Friday, August 06, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 11 (In August)

 Another day, another small handful of tracks. Getting down to the real nitty gritty here, but there's still some good stuff left in the pile.

1. Christmas Assembly by Sarasota High School; Judy Hennessey And Mark Frankel-Narrators from Sailor Sounds 1963-64 (Century Custom V-18455, Mono, 1964). A great little bit of found sound from an album made for the local high school.

2. Brotherhood Medley: We Need A Little Xmas (Excerpt) by Wayne & Marin Foster from To-Get-It Together (Happynest SLP-007, Stereo). Not sure why they decided to through a bit of Christmas into an otherwise non-Christmas medley, so I snipped the important bit out and spared you the rest. You're welcome.

3. Cold December by Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' from Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' (Flying Fish FF 054, Stereo, 1978). Nice little folky track for you.

4. Christmas Long Ago by Donna Sanders & Steve Roland-William Roy And Carl Norman At The Plural Pianos from Seven Come Eleven-A Gaming Gambol (Columbia Masterworks (Columbia Record Productions) 55477/55478 "Julius Monk's Upstairs At The Downstairs Presents...", Mono, 1961). Some more stuff from Julius Monk.

5. Danse Of The Mirlitons by Flute Trio-Directed By Frederick Wilkins from Flutists' Showcase (Golden Crest CR 4020, Mono). I guess I should have been surprised to find this track on a flute-centric album, but I was pretty stoked to see it on there.

And that's it for tonight. More good stuff tomorrow, I promise.



Buster said...

Thanks once again; no banjos on this one!

Ernie said...

I think you and I are the only ones listening at this point...

MOQChoir said...

Ernie, sorry, no hot takes on the content, multiple priorities fighting for my attention right now, appreciate the comments and the updates, stocking up for gaps in my schedule.

Fully and deeply recognizing the effort with great appreciation, and more appreciation for comments from everyone else. I'll get to the audible part, just haven't got there yet.


Ernie said...

It's OK, just like to know that people are paying attention. :)