Saturday, July 31, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 5

I've missed a couple days, so I apologize for that. Hard to find time to post some days, but I'm back for the weekend at least. And as is traditional, the last day of the month is when we celebrate New Year's! It seems weird to do that on the fifth day of sharing, but that's the way the cookie is crumbling this season. And I've only for three short New Year songs for you, but at least I've got something. Let's see what's in the pile!

1. What Will The New Year Bring? by Donna Fargo from Whatever I Say Means I Love You (ABC Dot DOSD-2029, Stereo, 1975). A new song to me, something I found while trolling through For Sale listings at Discogs. It's a wonderful place, but it can get expensive if you aren't careful. I'm sure I didn't pay too much for this one though. I can remember my aunt having a Donna Fargo record when I was little, but it wasn't this one.  Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, I think that's what it was.

2. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve by Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker-Orchestra Conducted By Dave Appell from Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker (Cameo C 1013, Mono, 1960). Another track from this great duo.

3. New Year's Eve by American Percussion Society, Paul Price-Conductor from Breaking The Sound Barrier, Vol. 1-Percussion (Urania UX 106, Mono, 1957). Another great percussion track, and something that I likely wouldn't have found were it not for a Discogs listing. This one set me back a little more than my usual thrift store records, but I think it was worth it.

And that's it, just a quick three and done today. If you think it's hard to find Christmas songs on non-Christmas records, you should try to dig up New Year's records! So I was happy to be able to have these three to share. Enjoy!



Buster said...

More Chubby and Bobby! I looked and don’t have that album.

Ernie said...

I'll admit, I've never listened to the rest of it. But I enjoy the Christmas/New Year's parts very much.