Monday, December 07, 2020

The Best From 2019

Here's another little project I've been working on for a while now that I want to share with you this season. Some of you may know about the annual Christmas In July celebration that goes on around these parts in July (and frequently into August and sometimes September), but for those that don't, here's a short primer.  I collect up records all year long that hold a Christmas song or two, then I try to share out the seasonal songs with you in daily batches all during the month.  Often there is really good stuff, but other times it's endless versions of Skater's Waltz or Ave Maria.  So I like to eventually put together a collection of all my favorites from the season, and that's what you have here. This is all the things that I really liked during the 2019 Christmas In July celebration, all in a single download.  The list of what's here is below, but the files should be tagged with a little more info for you.

01. Unknown Artist...Let's Go Get Our Christmas Tree (01:31)
02. The Harmonaires...The Song Of The Snow (01:36)
03. Tom Glazer...Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (02:58)
04. Esther Williams And Ricardo Montalban...Baby, It's Cold Outside (02:31)
05. George Hamilton IV...Song For A Winter's Night (02:54)
06. Children From New York Public School 24...I Believe In Santa Claus (03:00)
07. J & K...Troika (00:28)
08. Walter Gieseking...Children's Corner Suite No. 4: Snow Is Dancing (02:04)
09. Vera Lynn...The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (02:55)
10. Bobby Bond...Snow Balls In July (02:07)
11. Bethany College Choir...Nu Ar Dei Jul Igen (01:23)
12. Jack De Mello And His Orchestra...Dance Of The Menehunes (02:37)
13. Eileen Donaghy...Christmas Time In Ireland (02:48)
14. New York Percussion Trio...Sleigh Bells (02:00)
15. Mahlon Merrick And His Orchestra...Snow Flurries (02:48)
16. The New Swing Sextet...My Favorite Things (03:38)
17. Redlands High School Concert Choir...Carol Of The Bells (Ukranian Carol) (01:19)
18. Jimmy Jenson...Jingle Bell Rock (02:05)
19. The Irish Rovers...The Marvelous Toy (02:34)
20. The Modern Folk Quartet...Riu Chiu (01:44)
21. Ella Jenkins...Winter (01:15)
22. Unknown Artist...Joy To The World/Good King Wenceslas/We Wish You A Merry Christmas (02:19)
23. Sally Niven, David Cryer & The Women...My Holiday (02:53)
24. Ithaca College Band...Holiday Parade (02:20)
25. The Lutheran Church Of The Good Shepherd...A Joyous Glad Noel (02:17)
26. Crescent Temple String Band...Toyland (01:40)
27. Paul Bley Trio...Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (03:36)
28. Little Johnny Everything And His Sister Judy...The Story Of Christmas (01:41)
29. Robert Q. Lewis And The Star-Time Kids Chorus...Jingle Bells (00:39)
30. Wheaton College Men's Glee Club...The Sleigh (01:03)
31. National Lampoon (Christopher Guest, David Hurdon, Gilda Radner)...Kung Fu Christmas (03:52)
32. Jack Kane And His Orchestra...Ski Trail (02:24)
33. Wonderland Chorus...Winter Wonderland (02:12)
34. Mojo Nixon...Transylvanian Xmas (00:37)
35. Jamall Badry...Some Children See Him (03:16)
36. Guitar Magic...Jingle Bells (01:40)
37. Poplar Hill Development School...See The Flakes Of Fleecy Snow (02:06)
38. Dolf Van Der Linden Und Sein Metropol-Orchester...Holiday In Hollywood (02:49)
39. The Harlequins...A Winter Romance (04:00)
40. Gayle Moran...Christmas Song (01:19)
41. Unknown Artist...Be A Santa (02:42)
42. Sister Jean, P.M. With Orchestra...My Favorite (03:03)
43. The Salvation Army Band...The Spirit Of Christmas (Christmas Carol) (02:41)
44. Mel Tormé With The Page Cavanaugh Trio...What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (03:03)

There's a lot of good music in there, I promise you. The cover art is a picture I took in a small church in Italy (Chiesa Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Gravedona, I think), a trip I embarked upon a couple of days after I finished the festivities in 2019. So if you're looking for something newer than the 78's I've been sharing out this year, this is the collection for you.  Please have a listen to The Very Best Of Christmas (In July) From Ernie (Not Bert) 2019!


I've been doing these collections for a long time now, going all the way back to the very first one in 2006.  If there's not a collection, that means I didn't do Christmas In July that year.  Here are the links to the posts where you should be able to find good downloads (look in the comments!).











 Now I just need to get busy on a collection from the 2020 season...


Anonymous said...

Ernie, Thank you for your continued gifts: Just looking back through the years shows how much cheer you've spread! Steve in PA

MOQChoir said...

I am SO looking forward to this! Big BIG seasonal thanks!

Buster said...

A wonderful selection, even without any bell ringers or organ players!

Geoconno said...

23. Sally Niven, David Cryer & The Women...My Holiday (02:53)

"Sally Niven" is really Gretchen Cryer who was David Cryer's wife (Jon Cryer, of television's TWO AND A HALF MEN, is their son). This song is from the 1967 Off-Broadway musical, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN, one of many musicals for which Gretchen Cryer wrote lyrics.

mostergren said...

Thanks! I was gonna ask, but here it is!