Tuesday, December 08, 2020

14-The Jingle Bells

I know I just yesterday told you that I'm trying not to duplicate the same song in a playlist around here, but rules were made to be broken. Today I have a pile of versions of that venerable old Christmas classic, Jingle Bells, for you.  It's played in any number of different ways, I don't think you're going to be bored with it at all. After I collected up all the music I wanted to share with you this year (courtesy of The Internet Archive), Jingle Bells appeared to be the song I had gathered up the most versions of. And I certainly didn't grab every version they have, just the ones that didn't look familiar. So download this collection and set it to play at random.  There are some surprises in here, I can almost guarantee you are going to hear versions that you haven't heard before. Enjoy!



Buster said...

Great collection! I am eager to hear Cowboy Copas and Leo Watson.

I see you have taken the opportunity to sneak in an organ, bells and chimes record.

Ernie said...

I avoided the organ and chime record for a long time at the archive, but they have a habit of sneaking in when you least suspect 'em... :)

Geordie said...

More organ and chimes, please!

Ernie said...

There'll be more organ & chimes, don't worry. :)