Wednesday, December 30, 2020

41-Non-English Versions 2

Time for another selection of Christmas songs that aren't in English (though Santo Natale is in English but about another language...). The first collection was a big hit, so I think this one will hold some exciting moments for you as well. Surprisingly, many of these tracks were released on American popular labels, but not all of them. And there are a few novelties hidden in here, but many of them are serious Christmas hymns that you know and love. It's always a bit exciting for me to find these unknown versions, and these all come from the international collection at The Internet Archive. They can be a little hard to find though, especially if there is no English translation on the label.  But I've done the work for you here, just download and enjoy these great Christmas songs!



MOQChoir said...

Just a quick note to check in and assure you from this angle that, indeed, your continuing efforts are MUCH appreciated. Recent personal complications have de-prioritized rapid review on the content, but I'm getting the downloads and putting them in the queue.
There's a lot in the queue.
Shout-out to all the commenters to express additional appreciation for your insights and observations. It's one reason I wait a few days before grabbing downloads, just so's I can get the skinny from those-who-know-so-much-more-than-I.
Thanks all-around.

Mike Valentine said...

Hi Ernie! I never thought i would find myself saying this, but thank you SO MUCH for compiling all these 78s and 10 inchers!! I had always thought of 78s as dated, but i see now that the late 30s and 40s were indeed the golden age of Christmas music. And they sound great, probably in part to the cleaning up you did on them. Thank you for all you do, and have a great New Year!

Mike Valentine (Nancy's husband)

Eric said...
Handel's Hallelujah Chorus in Zulu. Aren't you intrigued? It really isn't that startling since the main word is Hallelujah.
Thank you for all the great music and I look forward to being amused, delighted, and educated by you throughout the next year.

Ernie said...

Thanks again for the comments, hope you found plenty to enjoy this season. :)

Eric-Thanks for the exotic version of Hallelujah! Always cool to hear new and unique versions.