Monday, November 19, 2012


Anybody know anything about torrents?  I'm giving some thought to sharing files via torrents this Christmas, but I'm not sure about all the particulars.  I made a test file, but I'm not sure how it's working.  Anybody want to click it and let me know what happens?

Johnny Nash-Prince Of Peace (2012 Remaster)

If you've already got a torrent client installed, does this magnet link work?

Merv Shiner-Greatest Christmas Kiddie Hits


Hans said...

Worked fine, actually had 2 streams, so came in pretty fast.
Also, just wanted to mention, if you weren't aware all the older posts which have "Rapidshare" files are dead. The "Media fire" files are still active though and working great.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into the site, really enjoy it.

Ernie said...

Thanks for testing it out. Did you already have torrent software installed or did you have to start from scratch? I think that's what I'm worried about, people being able to start with no knowledge of what torrents are.

All of the RapidShare links are long gone, as are the MegaUpload ones, of course. And who knows how long MediaFire will be around. I'm trying to plan accordingly. :) Nothing lasts forever.

Laurie said...

I'm very intimidated by torrents, but I really don't know much about them. Seems a lot more complicated and do you have to install special software? Is is safe? I like MediaFire - one click. That said, I was organizing my Christmas music and noticed that so much great music in my collection has come from you, Ernie - I'm so grateful for all of your hard work, so whatever you choose, I'll happily be along for the ride.

Ernie said...

Yeah, torrents intimidate me, too. But MediaFire isn't always going to be available, it could go the way of MegaUpload tomorrow. I'm looking for other ways to do what I want to do. Not entirely sure how to proceed. I don't want to get in trouble with my ISP, either.

Chris Ballard said...

It worked for me too, Ernie. A little slower to download but that might have been because my son is on his Playstation 3 tonight. I was wondering where you were going to host your shares this year. I hope you will be able to continue. I really appreciate all of your hard work. I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy all the Christmas music. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Family Man said...

No trouble here with either file using uTorrent. DL speeds were about 75% of what I get using RS or mediafire.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to another great season with your blog.

Ken said...

Worked fine, thrown at first because the summary said the torrent was empty, but it down loaded fine. As Always - THANKS. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

Nick said...

For starters this is the first time I leave a comment on a blog, but I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful music I found since last year here and the links provided.
So a big thank you Ernie for widening my horizons about Christmas music.
On the subject now torrent works just fine and if I may for those who may not be familiar with it.
A good torrent client is uTorrent, very light on resources, one can find and a guide how to set it up.Easy doing it once and then forget it.
And for those who are concern about security issues try peerblock Quote:
PeerBlock lets you control who your computer "talks to" on the Internet. By selecting appropriate lists of "known bad" computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers, computers monitoring your p2p activities, computers which have been "hacked", even entire countries! They can't get in to your computer, and your computer won't try to send them anything either. from their site.
Both are free!
I'm using the combination since '06
with no problem.
And again a big thank you and may all have wonderful holidays.

Tony said...

I use Vuze as my torrent catcher and it couldn't do anything with what you posted either through the magnet or just your URL.

Roel said...

Hi Ernie,

It worked for me. Both files were here (NL) in about 15 minutes. But the speed always depends of others who downloaded te file and if they are seeding. Is Divshare a possibility for you? Divshare promises to keep the files a long time.
Or They exist already a long time. Speed of dowloading is good, but sometimes they have to much connections and it lasts a long time before you can download.
I think new is Zippyshare. Dont know the rules there. Now they are very fast.


Stubby said...

Worked fine. I use Transmission, which is easy and free. Course I have a MAC. Not sure if its PC compatible.

Ken [another Ken] said...

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for the torrents - already had utorrent installed so no problem with either link. Five minute download for Nash, forty minutes for Shiner.


Tim said...

Torrents are a little scary, because you usually need to download their client, and there is no telling what that actually is. Anytime I have to download an EXE file, it is concerning. I try to avoid those.

But - I really DO appreciate all you have done. Thank you.

Ernie said...

Thanks everybody for trying these torrents out. I think if I share anything, it's just going to be the magnet file (the second one above). That should work if you have a torrent program installed. That way no one is having to download a scary executable. And I'll probably try to get MediaFire links, too.

Thanks again for the help, and don't forget to seed! :)

fixxitt In Georgia said...

Ernie: I have a very reliable source that advises me not to mess with Torrents. I am a novice and he tells me that it should only be used by those that have a lot more expertise in the security department than I do. Perhaps it just has a bad rap 'cause other sites use Torrents as their host. I know this sounds like talking in double talk. It tells you how concerned I am. I have loved your sit for many years and will abide by our decision to go or no go.

GenXYgal said...

TORRENTS?! Please, NOOOO! Torrents have caused me nothing but download grief, especially on a Mac, please try out 4shared! Lee from his blog MYWHAPE does now, hint, hint!

Christmas Music Lover said...


While I prefer MediaFire, the torrent worked for me. And I can understand why you would want to use them, as it must be frustrating to have your downloads die fairly quickly.

Looking forward to see what you have in store for us over the next few weeks!

ballardkringle said...

Today it took 10 minutes to download Merv Shiner using µtorrent, Ernie.

Anonymous said...

Hi, for anyone curious about dl speeds, sendspace is actually faster than mediafire. I know, go figure. I used to avoid ss years back, like rapidshare.

I'm not afiliated with SS, just thought to mention.

As for torrents, you all know it's P2P, right? You know, Napster, Kazaa, etc. imo, the only ones to trust are the invitation-only torrents that are very specific. Otherwise, be careful with the easily acceptable torrents. My 2 cents, or should say sense, lol.

Ernie said...

I'm not too concerned with speeds. It's taken me months to record this music, so you spending a few minutes to get it isn't so bad. One nice thing no one has mentioned is the ability to queue torrents. Someone could drop by a blog like this, click all the links, then walk away for a while. When they came back, all the downloads would be done, or maybe still in progress if they're slow. But the point is that they'd be processing, not waiting for you to load up the next one and start the process.

Mike Thornton said...

Two thumbs way up for torrents! The daily download limits and forced waits associated with the Rapidshares and MediaFires of the world have always frustrated me. They can be incredibly annoying when you haven't visited the site in a few days (or months) and you're trying to get caught up! Torrents solve that problem instantly, and you can queue a large number of files to download in sequence! Well done.

Rodney said...

Ernie: Thanks for all your shares! I had a torrent program already installed (Transmission), so clicking on the link worked great. I love the idea of using torrents, as we can all help out sharing these great songs out to others.

Kwork said...

Torrents are great for me if MF dies, or keeps blocking files such as Christmas in Jul{ days 32 and 21 from this year. If there had been a torrent option for those two days, I'd still have a chance. Thanks.

Chris in Cary said...

Ernie, I already had uTorrent client installed, and the magnet link worked fine. The file downloaded in about 3 minutes for me, probably because some of the earlier downloaders are still seeding.