Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas On The Moon

This is a record I meant to share last year, and I had it recorded, but never found the time to scan the artwork. I finally managed to get it done this year, so here it is for your enjoyment. This is one of those classic albums of the outsider art world, sort of a so-bad-it's-good thing.  I don't know much about it, or Tim Dinkins himself, so I'll let the music speak for itself.  This is Christmas On The Moon With Tim Dinkins (Cartwheel LP-CW-112-A, Stereo).

1. Santa's Rocket
2. The Empty Chair
3. Two Little Stockings
4. I Won't Let You Lick My Candy Bar (by Susan Kay)
5. Just A Little Birdie In A Coo Coo Clock
6. Merry Christmas
7. The Wise Ole Owl (by 'Mystery Guest')
8. Ole Pop Reindeer
9. Christmas Message
10. Christmas Comes To Everyone
11. A Little Boy's Letter To Santa
12. Tinkle Toes



Laurie said...

Thanks for the shares tonight, Ernie! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike in So Fla said...

This album is so great it's great. I've gotten LOTS of great music from you, and I've used some of it on my own Christmas mixes that I share with a handful of friends and family each year.

I will undoubtedly use Santa's Rocket and maybe a couple more from this album in the coming years.

This is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find this year. Love it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

MTS said...