Friday, July 31, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-38

Good evening, and welcome to share #38, which happens to fall on the last day of the month. And that means I've got a whole pile of New Year's songs for you, along with a handful of Christmas shares just to make it a full-size share. And I'm late with my posting for what I think is the first time this month. I've been putting records into storage ever since I got off work. It's a real pain in the backside, but I've got to do it.  They're everywhere, and I need some space. I think I moved about 3000 records today, and a whole lot more to go.  Wish me luck.  But you want some Christmas and New Year's music, so let's see what's in the share tonight.

1. An English Christmas Portrait by the fine, but unnamed artists at Jenson Publications, from the LP Superior New Works For Concert Band-Advanced Edition-Volume 23 (Jenson Publications 2xLP CB23A88AD, Stereo, 1988). Is there only this one demo recording tonight?

2. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S by Little Marcy, everyone's favorite Christian doll, from her album Marcy Favorites-20 Songs From Her Best Selling Albums (Corner Stone/Singcord SLP 473, Mono). Based on the album title, I'm guessing this is a track from another album, probably one of her multiple Christmas records. Pretty sure there are some of those in the archives if you want to take a look, I'm too lazy to search and post a link.

3. Gloria In Excelsis by John Klein At The Schulmerich "Carillon Americana" Bells from The Call Of The Carillon (RCA Victor LSP-2255, Stereo, 1961). It's Christmas on the carillon!

4. Co Je To Za Svit by The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F. from Christmas With The Slovakaires (Pav Records PAV 666, Stereo). I have more tracks left to share from this record than any other. I guess I haven't been doing a very good job at parceling them out on a regular basis.

5. Empty Stocking Blues by Don Wilson from Christmas Ain't Over Yet! (Or, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Don Wilson!) (No Label RC 108/RC 107, Mono). This is probably the record with the second-most tracks remaining, in case you're keeping count.

6. Auld Lang Syne, the first of many versions tonight, this one by Vaughn Monroe from Racing With The Moon (Hamilton (Dot) HLP 137, Mono, 1965). This is a later re-recording of a song he did back in the day for RCA Victor.

7. Auld Lang Syne, again, by The Loch Chorus from Favorite Songs Of Scotland (London, International Series TW 91413, Mono, 1966). I assume these singers live near a lake, or maybe in a lake. Wouldn't that be something!

8. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen; While Strolling Through The Park One Day; Auld Lang Syne by The Krauts-German Bierstube Boys from Honky Tonk Piano With Rhythm (Rondo ST 588, Stereo). Budget label weirdness. People actually bought this stuff.

9. Auld Lang Syne by The Palace Of Varieties Chorus And Orchestra from Palace Of Varieties (London FFRR LLP 297, Mono). What was the Palace of Varieties? A music hall? TV show? Nothing in particular, just a name? I am too lazy to use Google.

10. Auld Lang Syne by Massed Children's Voices From Westminster Abbey And St. Paul's With The Longines Symphonette from Sweet Voices Of Inspiration (The Longines Symphonette Recording Society LWS 173, Stereo, 1966). There's the Longines Symphonette again...

11. Auld Lang Syne by Bob Johnson And The Lonesome Travelers from Twelve Shades Of Bluegrass (Parkway P-7017, Mono, 1962). Cool, bluegrass.  You don't find that every day!

12. Auld Lang Syne by Thumbs Tubby from 24 Honky Tonk Piano Selections  (Hudson 270, Mono). More budget label dreck.

13. Auld Lang Syne by George Hamilton IV, Arranged And Conducted By Don Costa from George Hamilton IV On Campus (ABC-Paramount ABC-220 "Promotion Copy Not For Sale", Mono, 1957). Finally, a real artist!

14. Violets; Tell Me Why; Auld Lang Syne by The Living Voices from Living Voices On The Campus (RCA Camden CAL-715, Mono, 1962). Budget from a major label.

15. New Year's Resolution by Jim Mandell With Mary Hylan & Debby James from Action Songs For Holidays And Special Days (Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb T 312, Stereo, 1979). Finally a different New Year's song. A record for the kiddies, but still.

16. Auld Lang Syne by The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines And Pipes & Drums Of The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Under The Direction Of Lieutenant Colonel Graham Hoskins MVO ACAM RM from 1985 North American Tour Highlights (ESI Records ESI 109, Stereo, 1985). Good gravy at all the initials. Oh well, I guess I didn't come with any really exciting New Year's stuff this year.

There you have it, sixteen more goodies for you.  I won't even pretend that this is the end.  Come back tomorrow to see what else is in the bin.


Buster said...

I see that along with multiple versions of "Auld Lang Syne," you brought back some of your favorites tonight - the Slovakaires, John Klein and his furshlugginer handbells, the mysterious Don Wilson, and of course the ever-popular "unnamed artist," along with the creepy Little Marcy, and the probably creepy Thumbs Tubby. But no "Moonlight in Vermont" or "My Favorite Things"!

Seriously, what a remarkable set of posts! And I suspect (well, I know) that you aren't quite done.

JustaJeepGuy said...

"Furshlugginer"? I have never seen that word used anywhere outside of MAD Magazine, ever. They used it a lot back in the late '60s. Did they stop using it some time?

Buster said...

Yeah, I learned a lot of interesting words from Mad.

ch51 said...

Auld Lang Syne by Bob Johnson And The Lonesome Travelers is a highlight. You shared this one a couple of years ago and it's already in line for one of my compilations. Great performance! Highly recommended. Thanks Ernie!

Ernie said...

I knew I enjoyed that banjo bit too much for it to be new. I'd forgotten about it, I guess.

Patrick said...

I have to agree with ch51 that Bob's version of Auld Lang Syne is original and worth adding to the "best of" folder.

Diego José Ortiz said...

Muchas gracias amigo.

Triman said...

FYI I've just finished fairly lengthy research project on Pete Brady, and have added videos of three of his four known albums to youtube. Also, he recorded a rather good Christmas classics album in 2011. See