Sunday, July 26, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-33

Welcome to a Sunday afternoon edition of Christmas in July. We've got less than a week to go, so I've got a lot of stuff to get out.  Let's jump right in.

1. The Babes doing March Of The Wooden Soldiers from The Babes In Toyland (Dream Music Company BIT 91550, Stereo, 1979). Now this is a weird one. Turns out to be the soundtrack of a touring show based on the Victor Herbert Operetta, but with the added attraction of disco arrangements and staging designed by Sid & Marty Krofft. Doesn't look like it was too successful.

2. Richard Robinson-Walking Weather from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). Not much winter content in this one, but a little.

3. Anita Bryant-Arranged And Conducted By Robert Mersey-H Is For A Little House In Bethlehem from The ABC Stories Of Jesus (Columbia CS 8675, Stereo, 1962). The letters just keep right on a'comin'.

4. Symphonic Variations On In Dulci Jubilo from the unknown artist performing on Superior New Works For Concert Band Vol. XV-Advanced Edition (Jenson Publications JP-5100, Stereo, 1984). Speaking of something that keeps coming...

5. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, again, by an unknown artist from Jenson Publications' Choral Celebration Vol. 5 (Jenson Publications JP-4000 w/ Book, Stereo, 1983). Just like the Energizer Bunny.

6. Regina High School Chorus-Ms. Marianne Antonich, Director-Comfort Ye; And The Glory Of The Lord from Christmas & Spring Concerts 1977-1978 (Melody Recording KM 2623, Stereo, 1978). A little something from a high school chorus is always welcome.

7. Frankford High School A Cappella Choir-Robert G. Hamilton, Director-You Better Watch Out from Ambassadors Of Song '63-'64 (Acoustic Arts Recording Studios LP 151 (Philadelphia, PA), Mono, 1964). And another high school.

8. Franco Corelli-Orchestra And Chorus Conducted By Rafaele Mingardo-Adeste Fideles From Franco Corelli Sings Great Religious Songs & Aries (Angel S 36208, Stereo, 1964). Seeing a lot from this guy lately.

9. The Handbell Choir Of St. James Methodist Church, Olney, Philadelphia-Eleanor C. Thompson, Director-Joy To The World from Sacred And Secular Music (Magnetic Recorder And Reproducer Corp. MRR-397, Mono, 1963). Handbells! This has to be the highlight of today's share!

10. Moe Koffman-Snowflakes (Largo) from The Four Seasons (GRT Of Canada 2xLP 9230-1022, Stereo, 1972). Nice and chilly.

11. Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Stuttgart-Rolf Reinhardt, Conductor-Toy Symphony-Menuetto from A Musical Joke; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Toy Symphony (Vox PL 9780, Mono, 1956). Everyone wants a new toy for Christmas.

12. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale-Sing We Now Of Christmas from Seasons Greetings From The Men & Women Of The United States Air Force (No Label 2xLP No Number, Stereo). I love these military Christmas recordings. I hope you do as well.

13. The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F.-S Touzebnostou Pri Chadzame from Christmas With The Slovakaires (Pav Records PAV 666, Stereo). More Christmas from Slovakia, no bells this time.

14. Kenneth Wilson, Organist-Fanfare For A Christmas Day: Christmas Song; On This Day Earth Shall Ring from Christmas At The Castle/Kenneth Wilson Celebrates (AFKA HCM101/S-4665, Stereo, 1981). Some more Christmas from the castle!

15. Liv Ullmann & Rock Hudson-Baby It's Cold Outside from Stars On "Norway" (Polygram (Norway) 202 001, Stereo, 1980). Yep, it's Rock Hudson, from some sort of cruise ship promotional piece. Or maybe it was a sort of souvenir. Not sure.

16. Marie LeBlanc-Man's Best Friend, The Alligator And Alligator Shoes For Christmas from Cajun Stories (One Way T112, Stereo, 1980). Another rare spoken word piece.

Likes like I gave you an extra track today. I hope it was one you enjoy.  Here's the link, see you tomorrow!


Buster said...

You come up with the darndest stuff - disco Victor Herbert? Rock Hudson and Liv Ullmann doing Baby It's Cold Outside?

Ernie said...

It just takes a lot of digging! :)

Patrick said...

So, I have to wonder if you still have a long way to go with this year's Christmas in July season given that you're only at the letter H in Anita Bryant's album. Is this a sign that we can expect a lot more music?

You Better Watch Out has an interesting intro and a pretty unique vibe to it, but it lack a bit of something (I know that's a vague statement, but I guess had it be done by professionals, this could have been cool!). I like the fact that we hear the crowd react!

I did enjoy Moe Koffman's track.

Finally, I agree that the Cadet Chorale is great. Another fun song that we don't hear all that often.

Ernie said...

The thing about the Anita Bryant LP is that it's supposed to cover Jesus' entire life. Yet here we are at H, and they're still singing about his birth. They aren't leaving a whole lot of letters for the interesting bit towards the end... :)