Saturday, August 01, 2020

Nutcrackers In August 1

Something a little bit different now that it's August. You may have noticed that I didn't share out any single tracks from The Nutcracker Suite during Christmas in July. That's not because I didn't have any, but because I didn't want to give you too much Nutcracker goodness since I was doing daily posts of entire Suites. So for the first few days in August, I'm going to keep giving you Nutcracker shares, but groups of single tracks. I don't think they're going to add up to entire suites, I'm not that good. But there are some great versions in there.  I'm a little busy at the moment to post the tracklist, but trust me when I say there are some heavy hitters in here.  Here's a link, knock yourself out!


Buster said...

You never run out of stuff!

Sky Raven said...

A nice eclectic mix :) Thanks for these. Burt