Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-36

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. Must be close to the end of the month. But I've still got a pile of music to see us through the cold lonely winter.  Here are another fifteen tracks for you.

1. Snowflakes by Marni Nixon from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). This may have been my favorite from this series of tracks.

2. Let It Snow, by an unlisted group for Jenson Publications from Superior New Works For Concert Band-Advanced Edition-Volume 23 (Jenson Publications 2xLP CB23A88AD, Stereo, 1988). Your demo recording for the day.

3. Christmas In The Trenches by John McCutcheon from Rounder Folk 2 (Rounder AN-05, Stereo, 1984). A sampler from the well-known label. Not familiar with the artist or the record that may have spawned this, but at least I checked the track list when I saw it!

4. Snowbird by Chet Atkins from For The Good Times And Other Country Moods (RCA Victor LSP-4464, Stereo, 1971). Any excuse for a Chet Atkins track is a good one.

5. Moonlight In Vermont by The Johnny Smith Quintet Featuring Stan Getz from Moonlight In Vermont (Roost LP 2211 (AKA RLP 2211), Mono, 1956). In the early stages of collecting tracks for this Christmas in July, I created a folder with jazz tracks that I thought I would share all together one of the days. Turned out I couldn't put enough tracks together to make a decent share, but it was a nice idea while it lasted.

6. Toyland by Percy Faith And His Orchestra from The Columbia Album Of Victor Herbert (Columbia 2xLP C2S 801, Stereo, 1958). Did this track wind up on the big Percy Faith Christmas collection from Real Gone a few years ago? Probably. This thing is lush.

7. Epiphany, by another unknown artist for Jenson Publications, this time from Jenson Publications' Choral Celebration Vol. 5 (Jenson Publications JP-4000 w/ Book, Stereo, 1983). I appear to have spelled this Ephiphany more than once this year. Sorry about that. Another demo track in case I need to tell you.

8. Carol Of The Bells by Regina High School Chorus-Ms. Marianne Antonich, Director from Christmas & Spring Concerts 1977-1978 (Melody Recording KM 2623, Stereo, 1978). This has got to be one of my favorite Christmas songs. One of these days I need to learn the words.

9. Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today Christ Is Born) by The Modern Choir-Directed By Warner Imig from The University Of Colorado And The College Of Music Proudly Present Songs By The Modern Choir (Recorded Publications 32M-32181/32182 (Dedicated to Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Elaine Van Derbur), Mono). I thought I shared out all the music from this one ages ago, but i guess not. That just means I'm sharing out too much music!

10. Glory Be To God by The Frankford High School A Cappella Choir-Robert G. Hamilton, Director from The Frankford High School A Cappella Choir Sings '61-'62 (Acoustic Arts Recording Studios LP 126 (Philadelphia, PA), Mono, 1962). High school, college, I've got it all covered today. Do I have an elementary aged group for you anywhere?

11. Four Seasons by Polly Bergen With Frank DeVol And His Orchestra from Polly Bergen's Four Seasons Of Love (Columbia CL 1451, Mono, 1960). More from Polly, but without her pop.

12. Holidays by Patti Page from Aces (Plantation PLP-548, Stereo, 1981). This is much, much later Patti Page, as evidenced by it appearing on the quirky Plantation label.

13. The Skaters-Waltz, Op. 183 by The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor from Hi-Fi 3/4; Waltzes And Songs By Waldteufel And Lehar (CBS Masterworks (South Africa) BLD 7031, Mono, 1956). More from Shorty von Muggins, and a copy from South Africa no less!

14. My Favorite Things (From "The Sound Of Music") by Neil Wolfe from Piano-My Way-The Unique New Sound Of Neil Wolfe (Columbia CS 9039, Stereo, 1965). I guess Neil was the piano prodigy of the month at Columbia for a while. As far as I know, he didn't go very far.

15. The Christmas Story by The Östlund Family from I Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto Thee (CLAV (Sweden) CSLP 80065E, Stereo, 1980). A religious family LP from Sweden? Sometimes I think these things find me.

And that's the list for today.  Gotta be something in there for everybody.  Here's the D/L, see you again tomorrow.


Buster said...

Hey, I have that Waldteufel-Lehar LP and I never realized it was Shorty von Muggins!

I also have that Johnny Smith Moonlight in Vermont - it's been a favorite of mine for several decades now.

I've been meaning to ask you - when you write "Dedicated to Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Elaine Van Derbur," does this mean you are dedicating your post to her? Touching, but I think she might be too old for you.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Well, I can't say whether today's Percy Faith "Toyland" is the same one, but there is a "Toyland" on the expanded edition of Percy's "Music Of Christmas" from 3 years ago. My ears are not that sensitive, they're just picky.

Ernie said...

Buster-I believe Miss America 1958 was a member of the Choir when she was elected to the post. They dedicated the LP to her, not me. Her and I are just friends, nothing more.

Jeepster-It's probably the same version. There were a couple of 78s Percy put out as well with Christmas cuts that didn't show up on any albums, and I think they pulled those in there as well. But did they bring you both the stereo and mono versions of Brazilian Sleigh Bells like I did? Well, not this year, but in the past. :)

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Ernie, I can't comment on the stereo/mono question. I'm usually not in the same room when I have the Percy Faith M-O-C CD on. My CD player is at one end of the house and I'm usually at the other (it's not that big a house). I can't tell the difference between stereo and mono that way.

Patrick said...

Christmas in the Trenches is a very nice track. If you listen to the lyrics, it is quite beautiful.

Chet Atkins' Snowbirds is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this (I agree, any excuse is a good one!).

You followed up that track with Stan Getz! Not that's cool! I really enjoy jazz music like this at Christmas!

And then, as if it weren't enough, a Percy Faith track. This is turning out to be quite the post.

Ernie said...

I get lucky sometimes. :)