Thursday, November 22, 2018

Not The Best...

Not to scare you off so early in the season, but here's the first reshare from years' past, and it's a doozy.  One of the most annoying organ and chime records I've ever found, but I was so excited when I discovered it.  I had to know who or what Chimeatron was!  Well, turns out it ain't much.  So I'll throw this one back up in the middle of the night and hope that no one notices.  I first shared this one out in 2008, and tried to re-record it in 2012 but couldn't sit through it.  Your mileage may vary. This is George Chiainia, Organ, With Chimes By Chimeatron-Music Of The Holiday Season-Organ And Chimes (Colonial LP-272, Stereo). This is a stereo copy, but I found it in a mono sleeve.  Didn't help.

1. White Christmas
2. O Come All Ye Faithful
3. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
4. Oh Holy Night
5. Joy To The World
6. Angels We Have Heard On High
7. Away In The Manger
8. Noel
9. Silent Night
10. Jingle Bells
11. Oh How Joyfully
12. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
13. In Dulce Jubilo
14. Beautiful Savior
15. We Three Kings
16. Lo How A Rose



Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about 'scaring' us, 'cause I actually enjoy 'bad' Christmas music quite a lot! LOL (BIG fan of the World's Worst Records blog) Sometimes things are so bad, they're awesome! Like Steve Maudlin 's O Holy Night! downloading this so fast! I'm sure there are a few other weirdos that feel the same I do!😄

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD I love this! Full of corny, cheesy goodness. Ridiculously wide stereo separation, great textures. Someone liked the Chimeatron so much they made an emulation of it: I guess it's disappointing that it's not a little robotic pal sort of like a Roomba with a carillon, but it's still cool as hell IMO. Any chance we could get a FLAC upload of this one?

Ernie said...

Nope, no FLAC. I barely have the MP3 anymore.

James said...

Ohhhh, you had me at "One of the most annoying organ and chime records I've ever found" and it wow DOES NOT disappoint! That's some top quality lousyness right there :)

Kwork said...

Hahaha, i may have to try this one.