Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 45

Day 45, a month and a half into this thing, sorta.  How do I do it? I don't know, someone tell me, seriously.  And not just how, but why?

1. Blues For The Camels by Osie Johnson's All-Stars from the album Swingin' Sounds With Osie Johnson's All-Stars (Jazztone J-1234, Mono, 1956).  What does it have to do with Christmas?  Well, the wise men rode in on camels.  I dunno, reminded me of that LP I used to share, Blues For Baby Jesus, one of the cover variants had camels on it, I think. Nope, just some kings.  I can't catch a break today.

2. Bugler's Holiday by Richard Ellsasser Playing The Baldwin Electric Organ (obviously not on the bugle...) from Leroy Anderson Favorites (MGM 3174, Mono, 1955).  This man recorded a lot of organ albums.  Good luck finding them all.  Not sure why you'd want to, but good luck anyway!

3. The Merry Merengue by Monchito And His Orchestra from Cha Cha Cha-Every Pick A Hit With The Orchestras Of Monchito And Ramon Marquez (Fiesta FLP 1235, Mono).  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

4. Twinkle Toes by Helen Westbrook At The Mighty Wurlitzer Oriental Theatre, Chicago, from Helen's Holiday-The Little Mite At The Mighty Wurlitzer (Replica 10" 33 RPM 33x512, Mono).  No, really, Twinkle Toes was one of Santa's reindeer.  Probably a different song though.  I gotta try...

5. Waltz Of The Flowers From The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, by Andre Kostelanetz Conducting The Robin Hood Dell Orchestra Of Philadelphia from Music Of Tchaikovsky (Columbia Masterworks 4x12" 78 RPM M-601, Mono, 1946).  While I was ripping 10" 78's the other day. I went ahead and threw this big 12" monster up there.  Pretty good sound I thought.

6. We Need A Little Christmas by Joe Berl-Music Direction: Joseph Berlingeri, from Mame "The Greatest Girl In Town" (Parliament Center Stage Series PLP 901, Mono).  Don't know what to think of this one.  Don't know if it's homemade, low budget or something else entirely.

7. Baby, It's Cold Outside, a creepy duet by Al Hirt And Ann-Margret-Orchestra Arranged And Conducted By Marty Paich, from the LP Beauty And The Beard (RCA Victor LSP-2690, Stereo, 1964).  Is this the only Al Hirt LP where he sings?  Why?

8. Carol Of The Bells by Geneva And Westminster Choirs from Christ Presbyterian Church (Custom Fidelity CFS-3002 (Largo, Florida), Stereo).  Largo is fairly local to me, about an hour away.  I'll be up there tomorrow shooting some band pictures, though nothing to do with Christ Presbyterian Church.  You should see the picture of the place on the LP.  The building has a lot in common with the church on The Simpsons.  Very much of it's era.

9. Come, All Ye Shepherds by The Ringing Bells-Rachael Kuivinen, Director, from Christmas Music/Bicentennial And Old Favorites (United Methodist Church Of Chagrin Falls, Ohio 6093N9, Stereo, 1976).  They're good, aren't they?  Probably nobody left alive who played on this record.  Sad...

10. Greensleeves by Eric Rogers At The Kingsway Hall Organ from King Of Sound (London Phase 4 SP 44068, Stereo, 1965).  More organ music, but this time from a major label.

And that's it.  Gotta be something in there worth the download, don't you think?  At least you didn't have to pay for all these albums like I did.



Buster said...

Joe Berl (Berlingeri) was a real person. His daughter used to work for me. I remember I found one of his records for her - not sure if it was this one or not. That was probably 20 years ago.

Ernie said...

Small world, ain't it? :)

Kwork said...

Thank you!