Friday, August 24, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 49

Day 49, your second post of the day, hope you're able to keep up.  I know I'm having a hard time keeping ahead of myself, but the weekend is here, so that makes it a lot easier.  Nice diverse pile of junk tonight.

1. Allah's Holiday by Helen Westbrook At The Mighty Wurlitzer Oriental Theatre, Chicago, from Helen's Holiday-The Little Mite At The Mighty Wurlitzer (Replica 10" 33 RPM 33x512, Mono).  I think this is the last thing I have from Helen to share with you this year.  Maybe I can find some more for next year, I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

2. Fire And Ice Ballet-Pt. 1 by D'Artega And His "Coliseum Pop Orchestra" from Make Mine Manhattan (Mercury Wing MGW 12101, Mono).  Interesting little bit of mood music here.  I'm grabbing hold of the Ice part of the ballet and claiming it for the season.

3. Sleigh Ride by Richard Ellsasser Playing The Baldwin Electric Organ from Leroy Anderson Favorites (MGM 3174, Mono, 1955).  So many good versions of Sleigh Ride this year!

4. Ave Maria by everyone's favorite Mayberry resident Jim Nabors-Arranged & Conducted By Sid Feller from the double reissue LP The Lord's Prayer/How Great Thou Art (Columbia 2xLP CG 33618, Stereo, 1970).  This version is the Bach-Gounod one in case you're curious.

5. Dance Of The Reed Flutes by The Ringing Bells-Rachael Kuivinen, Director, from Christmas Music/Bicentennial And Old Favorites (United Methodist Church Of Chagrin Falls, Ohio 6093N9, Stereo, 1976).  Nutcracker music and hand bells!  Two great tastes that sound great together!

6. Fantasia On "Greensleeves", a little high-brow music for you tonight courtesy of Morton Gould And His Orchestra from his LP Greensleeves (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2719, Stereo, 1964).  A simple song all fancied up.

7. Just Because by Al Hirt And Ann-Margret-Orchestra Arranged And Conducted By Marty Paich from Beauty And The Beard (RCA Victor LSP-2690, Stereo, 1964).  A song which at first has no Christmas connection, but a close listen yields two mentions of Santa!

8. My Favorite Things by Ted Heath And His Music from The Sound Of Music (London Phase 4 SP 44063, Stereo, 1965).  I haven't brought you nearly enough versions of this track this year.  I need to work on that.

9. Snowbird by Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos from A Musical Tour Around The World...And Beyond (London Phase 4 2xLP SQBE-94251 "A Club Exclusive Deluxe Two-Record Album", Stereo).  Interesting collection of tracks that I think was put together for The Capitol Record Club.

10. That Cold Feeling by The Happenings from their album Psycle (B.T. Puppy Records BTPS 1003, Stereo, 1966).  I happened to notice this cover pop up in my player at work, heavens knows how it got there, then I remembered seeing the same cover in the stacks.  Funny how things work sometimes.

And that's it.  Anything interesting in there?  If not, just wait a few hours, I'll put up some more Christmas goodies.



Buster said...

You seem to be accelerating here toward the end . . .

barba said...

after doing his utmost to convince the world that he was the countryest of bumpkins, jim nabors had a little credibility problem when singing in that operatic voice. i’d have much preferred that he do comedy routines with the serious vocal selections, but i guess that’s just me. in fact, i think it might have been just as entertaining to see luciano pavarotti or placido dominguez working down at the fillin’ station in mayberry. or even al hirt. did you know that al hirt played half-time shows at the superbowl THREE times, and played the star-spangled banner at a fourth? before he died, someone observed that this wouldn’t ever be done again, and was a tribute to just how big he once was; to which al replied, “i AM big… it’s the superbowls that got small”.

Stubby said...

Well, the problem with that line of thought, barba, is that Nabors wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. The speaking voice you heard in Mayberry and on Gomer Pyle was his real speaking voice (just a tad less twang). If anything, you'd have to say that his singing voice was the put on. Worth remembering that Nabors got his start as a stand-up comic, not as a singer.

Kwork said...

Thank you. Yes, I've got about 11 posts worth to catch back up on now. How dare life get in the way of Christmas!