Saturday, August 25, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 51

If memory serves, we went 51 days last year, and here we are at 51 this year.  And I'm not stopping yet.  The end is near, as the signs say, but it's not here yet.  Sometime next week, I think.  Pickings are getting thin in the pile of records I have left, and I don't want to share too much sub-par stuff with you.  But we'll see.  Now, what's in tonight's pile?

1. The Birth Of Christ by Leif Erickson, Narrator, With Dramatic Cast from the album The Bible Stories-Volume VII-The Birth Of Christ/The Good Samaritan (Cricket/Pickwick CR-207, Mono, 1960).  I believe I shared this with you last year, but I stumbled across a nice copy recently and decided to share it again.  I don't think I've shared enough spoken word with you this year, and this 18 minute retelling of the birth of Christ should go a long way towards rectifying that.  I also have a double album of poems that I hope to grab a couple tracks from, but it's so moldy I'm afraid to bring it in the house before I fumigate it.  And when I've recorded what I can, I'm throwing it out.

2. Fire And Ice Ballet-Pt. 3 by D'Artega And His "Coliseum Pop Orchestra" from Make Mine Manhattan (Mercury Wing MGW 12101, Mono).  The third and final part of this little bit of mid-century mood music.  I like it!

3. Greensleeves by The Entertainers from the organ demo LP Lawrence Welk Presents The Magic Of Color-Glo Thomas Organ Program (Thomas Organ Co. #08-20052-0, Mono, 1966).  I love this stuff, and the cover is a certificate of training signed by Lawrence Welk!

4. Holiday For Guitars by Buddy Merrill from Holiday For Guitars (Accent (GNP Crescendo) AC 5016, Mono, 1965).  Found this today, figured you needed more holiday music for the wrong sort of holiday we're celebrating this month. And it rocks more than most of the stuff I share here.

5. White Christmas (From "Holiday Inn") by Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra from Music Of Irving Berlin (Columbia CL 768 (Reissue of Masterworks LP from 1950), Mono, 1955).  I had forgotten about this, even though I shared it out some years ago.  I think I've forgotten more of my old shares than I realize.  But that means I find more new stuff, right?

6. Ave Maria by Jim Nabors-Orchestrations By Don Hannah from The Lord's Prayer/How Great Thou Art (Columbia 2xLP CG 33618, Stereo, 1970).  A different version than the one I shared out a day or two ago.

7. Doll Dance by Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra from Nola And Other Piano Instrumentals (Carleton STLP 12/302, Stereo, 1959).  A surprisingly fun version.

8. Hallelujah (Messiah) by The McCallie School Handbells from Music From McCallie (Pyramid's Eye Recording Studio MS-1520 (Chattanooga, TN), Stereo, 1977).  That's right, I found another handbell track for you!

9. The Holly And The Ivy by The Ringing Bells-Rachael Kuivinen, Director, from Christmas Music/Bicentennial And Old Favorites (United Methodist Church Of Chagrin Falls, Ohio 6093N9, Stereo, 1976).  Another great track from my go-to handbell record.

10. The Marvelous Toy by Rosemary Rice And Her Children's Chorus from Whistle For Happiness (RCA Camden CAS-1119, Stereo, 1970).  Good old Tom Paxton!

And that's it, second set of ten for today.  At this rate, I'll be caught up in another month of so.



Buster said...

Now you have me interested in that D'Artega stuff that you have been parcelling out. I'll have to go back and see if I can find the first two parts.

D'Artega is one of those people who pop up on budget records every now and again. I assume he actually existed, but I know nothing about him. Have to fire up Google and find out.

barba said...

“ I also have a double album of poems that I hope to grab a couple tracks from, but it's so moldy I'm afraid to bring it in the house before I fumigate it. And when I've recorded what I can, I'm throwing it out. “

well, maybe you can forego the poems this time. you don’t want to overdo it. now, i like poems as much as the next fellow. some of my best friends are poemish. but remember what happened after hurricane katrina in new orleans. brad pitt and his ‘make-it-right’ foundation built all those houses designed by world-famous architects. but they all forgot about the mold. they made them out of some ticky-tacky that attracts mold and now you can’t live in them. and i heard from somebody that poems attract mold. so maybe it’s better just to wait on that and you can replace them with… oh, maybe some christmas cha-chas or calypsos or, you know, something good.

Ernie said...

Pretty sure I'm fresh out of cha-cha's and calypsos both. Maybe a few Ave Maria's or Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring's? That's about all I got left.

Kwork said...

Poems by Ogden Nash are always an exception to the poetry is boring rule.
My favorite version of the Marvelous Toy is Peter Paul and Mary's version on the Peter Paul and Mommy album. The sound effects and harmonies really add something. Makes Tommy's original seem boring, which it kind of is to my ears anyway.
And one can never go wrong with more of Rachel's bells.
Thanks for another day.