Monday, December 31, 2012

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas

And with this album, I'm caught back up to the Twelve Days of Christmas! Hooray! Now if I can get five more shares together, I'll be doing good. This album is one of those things that really should already be in your collection, but I was so happy to finally find myself a nice copy of it, I had to rip it, and since it's just sitting there on my hard drive taking up space, I may as well post it and sing it's virtues. Trust me, it's good.  There's some classic tracks on here, especially the stuff that was written especially for this album and was never recorded elsewhere.  Are any of you with cover bands listening?  Cover a few of these songs for me, I'll buy your record!  OK, enough, this is Al Caiola And Riz Ortolani-Sound Of Christmas (United Artists UAS 6617, Stereo, 1967).  By the way, Happy New Year!

1. Sleigh Ride
2. I'll Be Home For Christmas
3. Buon Natale
4. Silver Bells
5. One Bright Star
6. Little Drummer Boy
7. Holiday On Skis
8. White Christmas
9. Christmas Card
10. Bossa Nova Noel
11. Santo Natale
12. The Christmas Song

Torrent (PS-If you are having trouble with the torrents, try using uTorrent. The free one.  Don't pay for it.)


Rich said...

Awesome share, I also downloaded Melachrino Strings Christmas Joy! Great idea on uploading with uTorrent. I think I might do the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie,
What happened to posting with Mediafire? It is a great site.

Michael said...

Many thanks - I love the fact that you went with torrents this year. So much easier and faster. Love all your shares!

sharxfan said...

Love this record! Thanks for the share.

Bob said...

I am clueless as to how to download this LP.

That's Cool, That's Trash! said...

Thanks for this Ortolani record! It's the 1st time I've felt excited about Christmas this year.