Sunday, December 30, 2012

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

I know, I know, it's not really the fifth day of Christmas, but I'm battling back from a hard drive loss that basically meant I needed to rebuild my PC from the OS up. So cut me a little slack. I think there's still enough music in my sack to finish the twelve days, but after that I'm about tapped out. Well, until next year, that is. I've been very lucky these past few weeks in finding some great Christmas records, some of which I hope I get to share with you next year. But first, I need to make it to the end of this year, and there's only a few days left. This time I've got a little family Christmas for you, courtesy of The Murk Family.  No, I've never heard of them either, but they created this Christmas record that looked interesting enough to catch my attention, so I recorded it and now I'm sharing it with you.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  This is Christmas With The Murk Family (Toya T-MFM-2007, Stereo).  Anybody with some more info about these folks, do share.

1. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
2. The Christmas Song
3. Baby Brother
4. The Only Thing I Want For Christmas
5. I'll Be Home For Christmas
6. White Christmas
7. Russian Carol
8. Poem: Another Christmas
9. Love Came Down At Christmas
10. Adeste Fidelis
11. Carol Of The Italian Pipers
12. Poem: The Christmas Story
13. Carol Medley: There's A Song In The Air; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Silent Night; Joy To The World



OBHS_DNA said...

I downloaded a few of your offerings this evening... many thanks.
I agree that Christmas isn't over until the 6th of January.
I just bought a three terabyte external hard drive on Amazon for $130 with free shipping - I think you need to get one and back up your stuff?

-Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you.

newnativemark said...

Sure wish I could listen to these, but I don't want to do the Torrents.. so I'm loasing out on these last shares of 2012.

Thank you very much, though, for all the work you do and all you have shared with us.


Tutorman said...

It does look as though you abandoned traditional downloading in favor of torrents. As much as I'd like to listen to these wonderful recordings you so generously share, I really don't want to go that route. In any event, I thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all the terrific music I was able to enjoy during these last two Christmas seasons thanks to your efforts. Keep up the great work, and have a terrific new year...and do back up your files!

Geordie said...

Torrents are a way for everyone to share the burden of others downloading files - nothing more, nothing less.

They're nothing to be afraid of, and are more reliable than 3rd party hosting services.

I'm so glad to see more shares - thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Torrents only now?! I'm really dissapointed in you, torrents pretty much put a huge 'hack my whole hard drive please' sign out to the inter-web world!...there are other safer options you know, try out 4shared or ZippyShare, Mediafire's not the only game in town you know, try 'em, you've nothing to lose, and you'll gain me back as a loyal downloader!

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd be brave and try to download using the Torrent feature. Each time I click on the link, I get a message that the page cannot be displayed. It's the same thing on each one posted since yesterday.Sorry.

Terry said...

I've never had a problem with torrents...I use Frostwire and am running Windows Vista.

As far as the Murk Family, your friend The Captain had a post on them a few years back:

Seems they are a Christian-music family group.

Dorian said...

Hi Ernie...Thank you for all the wonderful music you've published. I have been spending a lot of time trying to get most all of your postings (complete with your informative comments). I viewed a tutorial on torrents and they are not for me! Please post using conventional 3rd party resources as you have been doing. Thanks a million.

Nathan Aaron said...

Torrents are kinda hit or miss. I finally downloaded the uTorrent that I believe was suggested by some on here, and though it's working great, it's also "hacked" my browser and loves to change my home page and search pages, pop up toolbars I don't need nor asked for, etc. So there are definitely some down sides... (if someone knows of a more reputable torrent, let me (and all of us) know! Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Heres the history of the Murks.

Anonymous said...

Hers the history on the Murks.

KL from NYC said...

I've downloaded several different torrent packages for Firefox and I keep getting an error msg about a "magnet" and it can't display the page.
What's wrong with using ZippyShare?

Ernie said...

You may not have told Firefox to use whatever Torrent software you've downloaded. Read the error message carefully. It's the same as telling it to use Acrobat for PDF files or Winzip for ZIP files.

KL from NYC said...

Nope, that's not it.
I've given up already.

GenXYGal said...

I have torrented this tonight, with success! :D It was surprisingly fast, too, less than 20 minutes.

I am on an imac and used Vuze to download. I highly recommend usingit! I believe it seeds automatically too, hope I am right about this...

Looking forward to listening, as a 1980s child who had quite a 60s-70s flavored childhood! (lots of older cousins, a brother 11 years older as well)