Thursday, December 03, 2009

Two Muzak

As promised, here's another whole LP of Christmas Muzak. It's an acquired taste, and I've grown to love it, as I'm sure you will too. So download Muzak Christmas (Muzak AA 36, 1980, Stereo) for yourself. This one dates back to the very first Christmas Sharity season here at the blog in 2005.

1. Fanfare Orchestra-Hurry Home For Christmas
2. Jerry Laning-The Christmas Song
3. Philip Green-White Christmas
4. Jerry Laning-Winter Wonderland
5. Fanfare Orchestra-Christmas Is Christmas (All Over The World)
6. Jerry Laning-Jingle Bell Rock
7. Chartsound Orchestra-Holly Time
8. Chartsound Orchestra-Merry Gentlemen
9. Chartsound Orchestra-Yuletide
10. Chartsound Orchestra-Christmas Morn
11. Chartsound Orchestra-Caroltime
12. Chartsound Orchestra-Three Kings


RecordCollector said...

Keep on posting this great stuff Ernie, I like it!

cal harmony said...

dear ernie

if you could and would, i made a xmas blog too

its at

maybe you can take a look?

Geordie Birch said...

Please reshare this and Muzak Stimulus Progression Number Three.