Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Waring

My third and final Waring share for the day is this succinct, yet great, version of The Nutcracker Suite. I think this ranks right up there with the version by the master himself, Spike Jones. This is a recording of the 45 I found many years ago, but I have since discovered it on 12" 78 RPM shellac. I keep meaning to record that one, just to see how it sounds, but I need to get a record player that spins at the appropriate speed, and a needle that fits those big fat grooves. I guess I've got something to look forward to for next Christmas. Anyhow, first shared at Christmas 2006, this is Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians-Nutcracker Suite (Decca 1-111 7", Mono, 1950).

1. Overture
2. Dance Of The Sugar Plums
3. Trepak
4. Dance Of The Toy Flutes
5. Waltz Of The Flowers


Anonymous said...

You don't need a record player at 78rpm, merely the correct stylus. Play at 33rpm and retime in software - many audio editing programs will do this - and the overall result is usually very good.

Anonymous said...

"Audacity" is more or less infinitely variable with percentage speed changes between input and output speeds with fixed points at 33/45/78.

Frequency responses can also be varied. Transcribing at slower speeds can usually eliminate or reduce thumps and swishes caused by warped and off centre records. I suspect tracking might be more accurate at slower speeds also. I also find that the subsequent removal of clicks within the software is slightly easier - they don't have such a long trail time nor are they so pronounced.


Ted Hering said...

I see on the back on the sleeve the choir lyrics are credited to Harry Simeon, of 'Little Drummer Boy' fame. Interesting and well done.

Bill from Illinois said...

Wow, I am just now hearing this for the first time, and it's really delightful. I wouldn't have guessed that writing lyrics for the Nutcracker would be a good idea, but this version is so lively and fun, and it really works. Waring strikes again! Thanks a lot for sharing this, Ernie!

Jesse said...

What a kick--don't know if I'll ever be listen to these songs the same way again! Thank you so much for sharing!