Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oodles of Doodles LXXIX

I stopped off at the Salvation Army store after work today and bought a few records. They were all in terrible shape, but I had to get them, since I hadn't seen them before in any condition. The first was Stu Phillips-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Buck Rogers In The 25th Century (MCA 3097, 1979), the second was The Spacemen-Music For Batman And Robin (Roulette R-25322, 1966). And the third one provided us with the doodle above, Original Soundtrack From The Saturday And Sunday Morning ABC Television Series Multiplication Rock (Capitol SJA-11174, 1973). This just goes to show that the record labels are never below printing up a black-on-white jacket to save a little money on printing costs. I turned three the year this came out, but Multiplication Rock (and Schoolhouse Rock) was still on TV when I was watching Saturday morning cartoons. I don't think I can sing along to any of the tunes on here, though.


Dave said...
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Dave said...

Did you ever share the Batman & Robin LP?


Ernie said...