Friday, August 12, 2005

Bloom County Meets Polk County

Whoa! Talk about a trip in the Wayback Machine! Somebody call Sherman & Peabody! I just scanned this drawing in from the back of my senior class yearbook, circa 1988. My buddy Scott was quite the artist, and he drew this in there for me. The car is a 1965 Chevy Chevelle Malibu convertible that I owned at the time, and the characters are Steve, Bill, Binkley, Milo & Opus from the comic strip Bloom County. There was nothing funnier to us at the time than Bloom County, and certainly nothing cooler to me than my car. I took it off to college that year, where it survived only a short while before the top was destroyed in a hailstorm. After that, it went downhill fast, and eventually became a pile of junk. To this day, the old rotted-out hulk sits back in a field behind my parents house. (Sorry about the blurryness on the left side of that scan. I must not have gotten it into the scanner right. or maybe I need a new scanner, this one is getting a little bit long in the tooth.)

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