Friday, January 22, 2021

65-Bonus Tracks

So, what's the theme here? Well, it's a bunch of tracks that relate back to old shares here at the blog, some that you can still go and grab, some that got retired a long time ago. I grabbed a lotta 78s from The Internet Archive this year, seemingly at random, but frequently I'd recognize a name from an old record I remembered sharing. Most often, these were something new, not something that was on that old record, so I like to think of them as bonus tracks, something extra that fits into something you've already heard and are familiar with, but it's new.  For instance, the Alvino Rey track above, that could easily be a bonus track on his Warner Brothers-released pseudonymous LP, Ira Ironstrings Plays Santa Claus. (That one was put out on CD many years ago, so no share.)
Arthur Godfrey released a solo Christmas album at one point, as well as a group effort from his then-current TV show. Both of them have been shared before around these parts.
I've had an EP from Blue Barron around here for a while, and I found several more Christmas tracks from him this year.  Not enough for an album, but close.
Burl Ives released a number of Christmas albums in his day, but the most unknown one was shared around here some time ago.  There's a version of it I'm looking for, with explanatory bits on it, so if you happen to have a copy laying around, hit me up!
Dennis Day released a 10" Christmas album back in the day for RCA, but around here he showed up with Jack Benny on a budget label LP.
Don Cornell, lemme think... Oh, he had two tracks on a label sampler, both of which I think I shared out from 78 this season.
Eddie Dunstedter recorded three great Christmas albums, all of which should be available here. If you're not a completist, just grab the third one, you won't be disappointed.
Ethel Smith had an entire Christmas album, but it was more reverent than anything else, and not my favorite.
Hugo Winterhalter had a great Christmas album! And a few singles that didn't get on there, like this one.
Tom Glazer released a Christmas album later in his career, but I've never found a copy. But I did share out a single he recorded for Children's Record Guild.

Walter Schumann recorded the single most requested share in the history of this blog. But it was released on CD sometime back, and as far as I'm concerned, that means I can't share it any longer.  But this earlier single wasn't on there, so here it is!
And bringing up the rear is Wayne King, his 1963 Christmas record is a perennial favorite.

And that's it.  If you wanna add all these tracks to your own collection, just follow the link below and download 'em.



Buster said...

Thanks, pal! I am wondering if you will make it into February. Posting, that is.

petlod said...

Hi Ernie-
You are like the Energizer (Erniegizer?) bunny! You continue to astound in your output.
I don't suppose there's any chance in getting a re-up of the Hugo Winterhalter 10" and singles...the zippyshare link on the 2016 post has expired. I just checked my iTunes and I sadly don't have most of those. If you can, great...if not, I still appreciate all you do just the same!
Cheers, Pete

Ernie said...


The 10" album should be available here:

And the two RCA singles are here:

As always, check in the comments for current links. His Columbia Christmas single was shared out a side at a time this year, so you should have those. Enjoy!

petlod said...

Thank you so much, Ernie! I had looked in the comments of the 2016 link, but not elsewhere...
Stay safe!

Ernie said...

Well, they weren't there before... ;)