Sunday, January 17, 2021

60-Chanukah At Last

I posted back during Chanukah that I hadn't been able to find any music for the season this year, but then this turned up.  It's not really a song, but a long version of the story of Chanukah. I suspect I couldn't find it because it's called Chanuko here, not one of the more common spellings I was hunting for. And unlike almost all the other shares this season, this one is by a single artist from a single album. This is John Conte-The Chanuko Story (Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, 2x10" 78 RPM RPM EBC 53). As usual, I dug this up from the deep depths of The Internet Archive. They've got a great collection over there, check it out!



MOQChoir said...

Ernie, I'm super-appreciative of all the work you're doing. This year's pursuits prolifically illustrate the depth and width (and breadth, the X, Y, and Z axes!) of all your work, and the especially fine results we are all so fortunate to experience from your shares.
Being able to pass along the niche items like this one and the foreign-language releases is a heightened level of karma. I get to be a hero after you've done the hard part. I tell people that Ernie is a really great guy, and I'll write it again here just to emphasize it.
Another vector on this board is the informed contributions in the comments. Your knowledgeable community of readers helps cover gaps and fill in the blanks.
Ernie, you're a really great guy! Be well. Stay safe!

Ernie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Choir! Glad you appreciate all the many dimensions of what I try to do around here. :)