Thursday, January 14, 2021

57-Even More Little Bits

I hope you're really enjoying these collections of short Christmas (and Chanukah! and New Year's! And Las Posadas!) songs because I've got yet another batch of them for you today! These things are really a little bit hard to find at The Internet Archive, mostly because they aren't tagged Christmas, so you have to go looking for a specific song or a word, then dig, dig, dig until you find what you're after.  The good news is that once you find one, a whole double handful usually fall into your lap because they're all part of a series, and often multiple records across the series will have a song I want. But on the bad side, they're not consistently organized, so it's often hard to tell what tracks are where, or what sides belong to the same record.  But I think I've got it all figured out here, except for a few where I just guessed at how many tracks are on the flip side. There's not a whole lot of discographical information about these educational releases out there on the web, so I hope I'm doing my part to spread the good word about these old records that probably shaped your musical childhood in some small and probably forgotten way. Oh, of special note, the name Jack Halloran shows up on one of the labels below. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to have sung on any of the songs I shared, but it was neat to spot a familiar name. On to the music, and enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Ernie -
Great job unearthing Christmas music that may never have seen the light of day for decades!
Each posting has put me in a more peaceful frame of mind - when life was quite a bit simpler, people were nicer to each other and life was (relatively) worry-free.

Many of this year's selections have made (or will make) it into a "favorites" rotation.

Glad you do what you do!

Ernie said...

Thanks for the note! Glad to hear you're still enjoying the shares, almost a month now past the big day. :)