Tuesday, January 12, 2021

55-More Little Bits

Another day, another double handful of very short Christmas songs from The Internet Archive. I sorta cheated on this one, since I'm giving you almost the entire contents of a Christmas themed educational set all at once, rather than breaking it up over different shares. It's late in the season and I'm throwing rules to the wind, so to speak. I say almost because I think I held back one song that was a little bit long to pretend it was very short. Pretty sure everything today is from educational records designed to teach music in the classroom, as have been most of my short selections. I think when I went to elementary school in the 70's, I caught the very tail end of the folk music in the early grades fad. I can remember singing songs about history and what-not, many of which are probably not considered PC these days. Anyhow, there's some good short Christmas tunes here for you, I'm sure they are something you'll enjoy!



Buster said...

I suspect we listened to records like this when I was a tyke. Can't remember a thing about them, though.

Ernie said...

Yeah, I don't remember 'em. I remember the big clunky record player with one giant speaker on the front, and a tonearm that must have weighed a pound. Controls for volume, tone and speed, that's all. And they were all usually set incorrectly. :)