Friday, January 15, 2021

58-The Ninth Scoop

Time for the ninth collection of totally random Christmas songs downloaded from The Internet Archive. I've long run out of most of my theme collections, so you're just going to have to enjoy the songs on their own, one at a time, and hope that they somehow manage to keep you in the Christmas spirit, even though Christmas was what, three weeks ago? Not too many more shares, I assure you, so stay tuned and complete your collection. Allow me to bring your attention to the Vinter Undervear song from Stan Boreson, noted Scandinavian dialect comedian who later covered many a Harry Shearer Christmas song. Even his partner Doug Setterberg shows up here as co-writer on what has to be one of the earliest record appearances by either fellow. I was so surprised to find this one and so happy to be able to bring it to you. I hope you enjoy this record and all the rest today!



Buster said...

Still a lot of interesting items in this late edition of "Ernie's Endless Christmas Shares"!

I don't think I have any Stan Boreson records; am hoping he is not a Yogi Yorgesson clone.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this group kind sir, finding Stan Boreson in the mix was a real treat - being of a "certain age" and a native of Seattle the Stan Boreson show is a keen memory for me. I clearly remember Mom working with by brother and I to create a hat for his basset hound, Slo-No-Motion, or No-Mo for short, that had the solar system on it (even Pluto when it was a planet) and would you know it, after sending it in to his channel 5 Kings Klub House show we saw it on TV on the dog - wow, that was a big moment when you are 6 or so - all are gone now so this really touched me - so much thanks - Mac

Ernie said...

Thanks for the info on Stan, I didn't know where he came from, I just knew him from his later Christmas album that borrowed so much of Yogi Yorgesson's stuff. I was so pleased with myself when that track showed up in a search. I think I was looking for German Christmas stuff and typed Vinter into the search engine, and there it was! How lucky was that? But then I found a lot of stuff this season using odd search terms. :)

There's other old recordings of his on the IA, if you're interested. Check 'em out!