Friday, December 18, 2020

The Return Of The Dragon

Ten years ago, I led off the Christmas season with this soundtrack from a filmstrip I'd never seen, but I was lucky enough to have the record of the soundtrack. And then today I get a comment on that old post from somebody who had remembered the old share and then dug up the actual filmstrip!  Well, a video of it, so I'm going to try and post my first video here at the blog, if I can figure it out. If you want to listen to just the music, here is a reshare of Lollipop Dragon Helps Santa b/w Thanksgiving In Tum Tum from the series Holiday Adventures Of The Lollipop Dragon (Singer/SVE L 106-4RR, Mono, 1971).
And here is a video of the filmstrip, I hope...
Nope, just a link.  But you can follow it and see the video on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

That's cool Ernie- the reuniting of record and filmstrip was good to See!

Ernie said...

It's a lovely little slice of 70's Kitsch! :)