Thursday, December 17, 2020

Post-Christmas Rush 2017

Continuing on with my plan to bring your attention to some old shares that came out in the weeks after Christmas, this is a list of the shares from 2017 into 2018. It's a shorter list than 2018 or 2019, but I figure the rarity of these singles will make up for the lack of quantity.  The Zippyshare links have long since expired, but if you check in the comments, you should find good links to MEGA. I put those links in there two years ago, but I don't think many people noticed. You should always check the comments, and it never hurts to leave a comment as well while you're there.  :)

V-Disc No. 48

Camille-White Christmas b/w Snowbelle

Bob Daniels & Abundant Life Choir-Season's Greetings From Oral Roberts

Booker T. & The M.G.'s-Winter Snow b/w Silver Bells

Jewel Lombardo-Christmas Melody b/w Christmas Lullaby

Christmas Party-Holiday Songs By Bing Crosby And The Lennon Sisters For Country Beautiful

Paul O'Keefe-(Santa Claus) What Would You Like For Christmas b/w A Baby In A Basket

Mike Douglas-Happy Birthday, Jesus b/w Mike Douglas Chorale-Happy Birthday, Jesus

Bobby Star-Jake The Flake b/w Vel-Mars-Jingle Bells

Jose Ferrer-Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus b/w The Ferrers-Conducted By Darol Rice-Santa's Marching Song

Jimmie Davis-Christmas Choo Choo b/w I Love To Ride With Santa Claus

Vic Damone, Arranged & Conducted By Norm Geller With The Sal Carson Orchestra-Christmas In San Francisco b/w Christmas In San Francisco-Live Performance

Eddie Lawrence-That Holiday Spirit b/w The Merry Old Philosopher

(Sorry, the Eddie Lawrence doesn't seem to be available anymore...)

And that's it. Short but sweet that year, I think I was ripping and sharing in real time, which can be tough on the old life. It's good stuff, though, so check it out!


David Federman said...

Zippy, like Mitch McConnell's Senate, is a place where good things go to die. Would love revival of Eddie Lawrence 45.

Ernie said...

David, did you read the part about the MEGA links in the comments? However, not that you mention it, I think that Eddie Lawrence got pulled for copyright infringement, so it is probably not available on the blog any longer.

Signore Glorioso said...

hey Ernie! thank you once again for all of the great shares. i'm having a hard time keeping up, but wanted to chime in and let you know it is appreciated!

also, check the MEGA link for Jimmie Davis-Christmas Choo Choo... i think it is incorrect?



Ernie said...

I'm just screwing up left and right. Try the new link in the comments over there. Thanks for the info.