Sunday, December 13, 2020

20-Frank Luther

Today is the only day all season that's dedicated to a single artist (and his sometime partner, Zora Layman), and not coincidentally, it also happens to be the largest share of the season. And it's not even a comprehensive collection! The work of Frank Luther is nearly forgotten today, but in his day, he was sort of a Burl Ives of the record world, finding all sorts of folk treasures and recording them for posterity.  He recorded two large 10-sided collections of Christmas songs (of which I am missing one disc in part two, but part one comes complete with front cover and an insert!), as well as a collection of holiday songs that covers our favorite time of the year in some depth.  And a pair of sides telling and singing the story of Babar (the elephant) and Father Christmas (not The Kinks). And a deep dive into his discography will tell you there is more Christmas in there that I didn't take the time to collect. Oh, the very last record pictured below is a collection of seasonal tales that fit right into my collection here, but I didn't grab the rest of the album that one came from.  So if you don't know much about Frank Luther, you will by the time you've gone through all of this.  There are a whole lot of songs here that I've never heard before, and things that I don't think you're going to find anywhere else. And in case you forgot, all this wonderful sharity from 78 is being brought to you thanks to the generosity of the folks at The Internet Archive, and specifically their Great 78 Project.



Buster said...

I had no idea that Frank Luther recorded this much Christmas music! Thanks!

Lennonka said...

My favorite Christmas things from are the danish Christmas songs. But now in the spotlight is Frank Luther. I very like this music. Great collection! Thank you very much!

Ernie said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm afraid the Frank Luther stuff isn't very popular, which is a shame, because it's pretty good.