Saturday, July 13, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 29

Is it Saturday finally?  Good, that means I don't have to go to work and I can spend some more time working on the blog.  Or, I can go out and try to buy some more records.  OK, let me post this first, then I'm off.  Who knows what wonderful wonders I will find.  But for now, here are ten great tracks.

1. The Villanova Singers-Joseph Taraskas, Accompanist-Herbert Fiss, Director-Ave Maria from Yours In Song, The Villanova Singers (Vogt Quality Recordings CSRV 2043, Stereo).  Pretty good version, and not one of the ones you hear too often.

2. Virgil Fox-In Dulci Jubilo from Heavy Organ-Bach Live In San Francisco (Decca DL 75323, Stereo, 1972).  From the rock star of the organ, live and in your face.

3. The New Swing Sextet-My Favorite Things from Swingin' Along (Cotique CS-1041, Stereo, 1969).  I've tried to keep the versions of this track to a minimum this year, but some things I just have to grab a track from because they look interesting. And this is pretty interesting.

4. Unknown Artist-Rudolph In Wonderland from Superior New Works For Concert Band-Vol. XVII Advanced Edition (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-6500, Stereo, 1985).  Another demo record.

5. George Hamilton IV-Song For A Winter's Night from Early Morning Rain And Other Gordon Lightfoot Songs (RCA Camden CAS-2468, Stereo, 1971).  The classic Gordon Lightfoot song, as done by Hamilton.  I hear Hamilton is a big hit on Broadway now.  Good for him!

6. Shirley Temple-That's What I Want For Christmas From "Stowaway" from The Best Of Shirley Temple (HRB Music 2xLP HRB 2007, Fake Stereo, 1978).  Another track from this record I carried home on the plane from Manhattan earlier this year.

7. Crescent Temple String Band, George Pine-Musical Director-Toyland from Crescent Temple String Band-Trenton, New Jersey (Recorded Publications Z 18621/18622, Stereo).  Mummers, so you know it's going to be happy stuff.

8. William Harrison, Pianist-Wait For The Wagon from Familiar Themes And Easy Classics-Music Minus One Flute (Music Minus One MMO 7035-39, Stereo).  Yes, you can play your flute along to this one.  Now who's going to share a recording of them doing so?

9. Hap Palmer With The Young Peoples Chorus-We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Vocal from Holiday Songs And Rhythms (Activity Records AR-538, Stereo, 1980).  Another vocal track from this record for the kiddies.  Now I need to get busy and start sharing the instrumentals.

10. The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra-Conducted By Eddie Karam-Winter Like My Life Is Passing (To Climb The Stars) from The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie (Warner Bros-Seven Arts/Stanyan WS 1787, Stereo, 1969).  Soundtrack music composed by Rod McKuen.

And that's ten more for you.  Pretty proud of the selections so far this year. It's hard to tell if it'll hold together when you're just recording a track or two here and there, but I think there's a good variety of stuff here.  I just hope I can keep up the quality through the whole month, not to mention the pace. Here's the download link, come back later for more.


barba said...

salsa. you either like it or you don't. i wasn't expecting any salsa christmas music here. hard to keep the salsa beat with a lot of christmas standards. i think of "my favorite things" not as christmas music but as rodgers and hammerstein. i realize that plenty of artists pad their christmas albums with it. but i think the new swing sextet was merely trying to put a little duende into rodgers and hammerstein.

Ernie said...

If you don't like this version, you aren't going to like the whistling nun version...

Patrick said...

Nice version of Song for a Winter's Night. I like Lightfoot's original, but this is pretty decent.