Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 20

Welcome back! What day is this?  Wednesday.  Good.  Here's ten more tracks for your listening pleasure.

1. Bob Ralston-Greensleeves from Lawrence Welk Presents Bob Ralston At The Thomas Organ (Ranwood R-8175, Stereo, 1977).  Much later in his career than most of the stuff you see out there, this is well after Lawrence Welk and company had ceased putting out interesting music.  It was all the bland stuff from television.  Too bad, his early work was pretty cool with occasional flashes of brilliance.

2. Mrs. Alvin Davis-Hallelujah Chorus from Favorite Hymns From The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel-Selections Played On The Chapel Organ By Mrs. Alvin Davis (Continental Communications PRP-14711/14712, Stereo). Well, at least it's not kiddies singing.

3. Tennessee Ernie Ford-Jesus Loves The Little Children; I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing from Sunday School Songs For Children Of All Ages (Word SPCN 7-01-891610-0, Stereo, 1983).  You can't go wrong with someone named Ernie.  Any new music from this Ernie is more than welcome around here. The Jesus Loves The Little Children isn't mentioned on the sleeve, but it's on the label and in the grooves.

4. The Young Americans-Conducted By Milton C. Anderson-Klondike (From NBC Television Series "Klondike") from The Young Americans Presented By Johnny Mathis (Mercury SR 61023, Stereo, 1965).  You know it's good if Johnny Mathis put his name on it.  Not very Christmassy though.

5. Jean Martinon Conducting The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra-Les Patineurs-Ensemble from Le Cid-Ballet Music/Les Patineurs (The Skaters)-Ballet (London CS 6058, Stereo, 1958).  What is this, part four?

6. Hugo Winterhalter-Our Winter Love from A Season For My Beloved (ABC-Paramount ST 90168 (ABC Records, Mfd. By Capitol Records), Stereo, 1963).  You can't go wrong with a name like Winterhalter, the seasonal goodness is right there in his name.

7. Big Bertha Band Organ-Skaters Waltz from Big Bertha Band Organ-Great Music Of A Golden Era! (Audio Fidelity AFSD 6145, Stereo, 1966).  Are there any of these big band organs around anymore?  There used to be a large collection here in Sarasota, but I think it's long gone.

8. Sons Of The Pioneers-Star Of Hope from Sons Of The Pioneers Sing Hymns Of The Cowboy (RCA Victor LSP-2652, Stereo, 1963).  Not really a Christmas song, I'm afraid, but I did have high hopes.  There aren't enough cowboy Christmas songs out there.

9.  The Kazbek Orchestra-Conducted By Efgeni Trawin-Trepak, not the Nutcracker song, from Russian Balalaikas (Capitol DT 10234, Duophonic).  Still not a bad track.

10. Unknown Artist-Winter Wonderland; I'll Be Home For Christmas; Ukranian Bell Carol from Superior New Works For Concert Band-Vol. XVII Advanced Edition (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-6500, Stereo, 1985).  Not too shabby for the demo track of the day.

That's it. I've got nothing more for you at the moment. Here's a link to the download.  See you again later on.


Mark Spencer said...

I'm late in the game. I'd forgotten all about Christmas in July. I have a lot of listening to do!

Ernie said...

Welcome to the party!

Buster said...

Have you considered calling yourself "Florida Ernie" just so there would be no confusion with the Tennessee variety?

Ernie said...

Many years ago, in high school I think, I was practicing for one of those quiz bowl competitions. And the question was something along the line of "Who wrote Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"? So I press my button and yell out Tennessee Ernie Williams! Everyone looked at me like there was something wrong, but I got half credit. :)

I'll just be plain old Ernie (Not Bert), thank you very much.

Buster said...

Ernie - Great story!