Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 23

Time for another great installment of Christmas In July!  Are you ready?

Track one is Winternacht (Sleigh-Ride), a long organ piece that was recorded very quietly on the vinyl, so I had a little bit of a challenge getting a good recording.  I think it came out just fine, though, for what it is.  The artist is Ted Alan Worth and the LP is Ted Alan Worth In Concert On The Rodgers Touring Organ (Organarts MG-7-202,815/816, Stereo, 1978).

Track two is a different song called Sleigh Ride, one with which you are probably much more familiar, by Red Carter, another track from his great LP Santa's Grog (Frog Recordings RG 001, Stereo).

Track three is something I was a little bit excited about, for reasons that only record collectors will truly understand.  There's a Capitol Christmas record from the fifties called Merry Christmas To You! that came out twice, the first time with 16 tracks, the second time with only 12.  I've had the 12 track version for a long time, but only recently found the 16 track version.  I was pretty sure that I had the missing 4 tracks elsewhere, but it was nice to have the original LP complete.  Anyhow, one of the missing four tracks was by the same artist as this version of Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers, The Louis Castellucci Military Band.  I pulled this track from a set of 4-45's comprising the album Here Comes The Band-Stirring Marches (Capitol CDF 150, Mono, 1947).  That date is actually for the 78 RPM version, but I couldn't find when they 45's came out.  Long story, but I was excited about this find. (The original track in question is Sleigh Ride, I think...)

Track four is a soundtrack song from The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie (20th Century Fox S-4207, Stereo, 1969) called Winter Like My Life Is Passing (To Climb The Stars).  The track is written by Rod McKuen but performed by Arthur Greenslade.  Interesting.

Track five, the only rerun for this share, is Baby, It's Cold Outside by Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus, from the double album The Academy Award Songs-31 "Oscar" Winners (RCA Victor 2xLP LSP-6013, Stereo, 1966).  You can never go wrong with Henry Mancini.

And there you have it, five more tracks.  Here's the download link.  But stay tuned, I'm trying to get a second set of songs up tonight to help me get caught up a little bit.

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Laurie said...

Really, really love the Louis Castellucci Military Band track! Xylophones!