Friday, July 24, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 22

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  Two days ago, I accidentally cut the fiber optic cable that supplies our TV and internet with the lawnmower, and they just came out today to fix it.  And now the cable is stretched all across the yard, right on top of everything.  I guess they're supposed to be out sometime soon to bury it, but no mowing until that's taken care of.  In the meantime, I missed a few days of posts.  I'll do my best to get caught up, but no guarantees.  You'd think I would have been busy recording music while I couldn't post, but no, I was too tuckered out to spin many records.  But I've got some music for you tonight, let's have a look.

I'm starting out with yet another track by Red Carter from his LP Santa's Musical Grog (Frog Recording, Ltd. RG 001, Stereo).  This time it's Jingle Bells.  Wish I knew more about this album, it's pretty good stuff.

Track two is a story from Johnny Bond called Winter Blizzard.  It's a little bit of cornpone for you from the LP 10 Little Bottles And Other Tall Tales And Songs For Boozers! (Starday SLP 333, Mono, 1965).  I'm guessing I wasn't the target market for this sort of thing.  Justin Wilson, he ain't.

Thirdly we have a very short version of I Wonder As I Wander by Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians-Dorothy Arms, Soloist from the Broadway soundtrack Hear! Hear! (Decca DL 9031, Mono, 1955).  Not sure if Fred Waring could perform on Broadway these days.  Mostly because he's dead, but you get my meaning...

Fourth is Away In A Manger, another track by James A. Miller and friends from Happy Time Nursery Songs (Herald Press 10" 33 RPM HP 1001-33 1/3, Mono).  Not too shabby.

Last song tonight is a rerun, but such a good one.  This is Christmas In Killarney by Ruby Murray With Norrie Paramor's Music from the Capitol Of The World LP Irish (And Proud Of It) (Capitol ST10327, Stereo, 1963).  Pretty sure I shared this out years ago in mono, then again from the original UK version in stereo, now again from the US Capitol stereo pressing.  It's just that good folks.  She also had a single Christmas track on the English edition of Capitol's Christmas Around The World record. The Very First Christmas Of All is the name of that track.  Look it up, it's worth your hearing.

And that's it, another five songs for you.  Here's the download link, and if I don't cut up the new fiber cable, I'll see you again tomorrow.

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Buster said...

Begs the question: how do you cut a fiber optic cable with a lawnmower? You must like to cut those blades of grass REALLY close to the ground.

Thanks for this - I love Ruby Murray and have a nice collection of her records.