Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 18

Another day, another dose of Christmas music, at least for the month of July.  Let's jump in, feet first, first time.

Track one is another selection from James A. Miller, et. al., and the album Happy Nursery Time Songs (Herald Press 10" 33 RPM HP 1001-33 1/3, Mono).  This time around the song is The Child Jesus.  Short and sweet.

Track two is Snowy Morning Blues by Butch Thompson from Trio West (Triangle Jazz T-105, Stereo, 1984).  I'm a bit unclear on the details, but Butch seems to be affiliated with Garrison Keiller and his Prairie Home Companion.  Perhaps a reader can fill in the details here.

Track three is some nutcracker action called Rumba De Fleur by Chuy Reyes And His Orchestra from the dance instruction LP Arthur Murray Favorites-Rhumbas (Capitol T1369, Mono, 1960).  Cool stuff.  This same LP featured a little bit of Mel Blanc on one of the tracks.  Nice little surprise while I was recording it.

Track four is Winter Joys (Sports d'Hiver) by Dolf Van Der Linden And His Orchestra.  I pulled this from the album Listen To Nature Sing (RCA Camden CAL-260, Mono, 1955).  You really never know what you're going to find when you pick up any given record.

Track five, and I think the only rerun for today, is Percy Faith And His Orchestra doing the Faith composition Brazilian Sleigh Bells in a stereo remake from his LP Carefree-The Music Of Percy Faith (Columbia CS 8360, Stereo, 1961).  I remember looking for this one for a long time before I finally found it.  And then I found it again, so you get a second copy.  Enjoy!

Since it's not even noon yet, I'm hoping to get another share up today to get us caught back up on the month.  So be sure to check back later tonight for more holiday stuff.  For now, here's your download link.


Buster said...

Thanks, Ern. I do like Dolf Van Der Linden; have one or two of his LPs, but not this one. Also wish I had a cool name like his.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I used to listen to "A Prairie Home Companion" a lot. Butch Thompson can PLAY a guitar!