Friday, December 11, 2009

For Chanukah This Year

If my research is correct, then tonight at sundown begins the celebration of Chanukah. Most of the tunes I share around here are for Christmas, but I realize that's not the only holiday of the season. But finding music for those other holidays is hard, I count myself lucky to have even this one share for you. But it's a pretty good one. I first shared this out in 2006, and it's been a staple ever since. Please download and enjoy The Moishe Oysher Chanukah Party (Rozanna J7OP-6641/6642, Mono). Shalom!

1. Happy Chanuka
2. Blessing Of The Candles (Brochot)
3. Reg'n
4. V'lirushulayem
5. Moat Tzur
6. Cirba
7. Mizmor Shir
8. Ani Mamin
9. Drei Dreidele (Spin The Dreidle)
10. S'hma Yisroel (Hear O' Isreal)

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