Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas In Spain

I was just thinking about last year at the blog. I got a nasty virus on my PC right at the beginning of the sharity season, and it caused me to get off to a pretty slow start. I kept running into issues the entire rest of the month, and it really put a damper on my holiday. But this year has been going quite well, except for the lack of new shares thanks to a computer hard drive failure last month. But at least nobody died. None of that really matters, except that I wanted to bring you a re-run of something I first posted early last year, and was one of my favorite discoveries last year. Unfortunately, no one agreed with me, as very few people downloaded it. Don't make the same mistake this year, this is great stuff. Go now and download The Madrid Concert Orchestra And Chorus-Victorino Echevarria, Arranger-Conductor-Christmas In Spain (United Artists UAS 6059, Stereo, 1959).

1. Zumba Zum
2. Long Live St Joseph And The Child (Viva San Jose Y El Nino)
3. Sleep Little Jesus (Dorm Jesuset)
4. Where Are You Going Little Shepherd? (Adonde Vas, Pastorcito?)
5. Tan-Tan
6. Sing Little Ones (Chicetes, Cantem)
7. And There Is A Star (Y Es Una Estrella)
8. To Bethlehem (A Betlem, Si Us Plau)
9. Between The Straw And The Ice (Entre La Paja Y El Hielo)
10. From Egypt To Bethlehem (De Egipto Para Belene)
11. The Child Came Down From Heaven (El Nino Bajo Del Cielo)
12. Lotan-Dago
13. The Tambourines Are Playing (Suenen Las Panderetas)
14. Bolo, Bolo, Bolo


Auntie Knickers said...

Thanks! This is the very kind of thing I am always looking for -- the old bands and singers are great but I especially like the more unusual and especially things from other countries.

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to this one on my evening commute today. It really is a wonderful yourself a favor and download it.

Chris in Cary

Bill from Illinois said...

This *is* a really great album; I was so happy to find it here last year. There's also another "Christmas in Spain" that's part of a "Christmas Around the World" series, released by Capitol in 1958 -- have you ever seen that one? I'd love to hear it. In fact, if you ever run across any albums from that series, especially "Christmas in Holland" or "Christmas in Mexico," I hope you'll consider posting them in some future year -- it would really be great to check them out! (CaptainOT over at Christmas Yuleblog has posted a couple from the series in the past.)

Thanks for all the holiday music, Ernie. You have such a great blog, and the Christmas postings are a terrific treat that I hugely look forward to. Between you and Lee Hartsfeld and CaptainOT, I'm in Xmas music heaven! Thanks very much.