Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving Bird

I keep forgetting to post this picture of a red-shouldered hawk I took at my parents house on Thanksgiving day. He was giving the evil eyeball to some goldfish in Mom's fish pond until I walked up and scared him off. She tells me that every once in a while she finds a fish that's missing part of a tail, but she hasn't lost any since she put a screen over the top of it. Poor guy's gotta eat, though.
Well, I think he's a red-shouldered hawk. Something about him isn't right. I know these guys show a lot of color variation, but something is throwing me off.


Stephen said...

Beautiful shot, Ernie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bird shot. I think he is a ju'vee just moved into the neighborhood. If he thinks to make meals off my goldfish he won't get very fat here. He should try catching that cottontail I see at dusk or maybe that 'wild cat' roaming around. Mom